Tesla Says Three Employees Hurt in Plant Accident

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Tesla Motors said three employees at its California vehicle-assembly plant were injured by hot metal from a casting press. Matt Miller reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Matt miller is here with the latest.

We have found the industrial accident at tesla, it was a problem they had with a low- pressure aluminum casting tank that somehow ruptured and hot metal injured at least three people.

This is coming from a statement from tesla.

Originally, the fire trucks and ambulances were reported there, but the company has put out a statement saying there was no fire, it was an accident with a low-pressure casting tank and hot metal got out.

You can imagine that kind of accident happens from time to time at auto plants and in this case, tesla is no different because it has nothing to do with the battery.

Not a lithium-ion problem.

Like the tesla cars or like we saw at the boeing 787. this is strictly a machine at the factory that helps cast parts and for some reason, there was a leak and presumably molten metal escaped and injured three employees.

No word on what kind of injuries we are talking about.

Obviously, it's horrible if anyone gets hurt in this kind of way.

It sounds like it would be an awful accident, but it's the kind of thing that happens and has nothing to do with the technology.

I recall about six months ago when everyone was so hairtrigger on boeing.

A microwave oven would have a problem in the 787 would return to the airport area it feels like we have crossed that threshold where there were three problems with three cars and now we are all -- elon musk was talking to us yesterday and he said the national highway traffic safety administration down there was no violations of safety precautions or standards on the cars.

It seems like the worst is behind them, maybe.

Although three cars have had massive fires out of only 15,000 sold.

We should point out the stock is up from where it closed.

The rise of the robot cars.

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