Tesla Profit and Revenue Beat Estimates

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report Tesla earnings on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Across the ticker.

We have a heat on profit and revenue.

We are looking at $.30 earnings per share compared to $.26 which was the estimate.

It was a loss in the same quarter the year before.

Tesla only became profitable this year on that bottom line measure.

Revenue of $761 million.

Analysts estimated $712 million, so eating on revenue and earnings.

The forecast is important -- they see their gross margin of error a slightly from the first quarter and operating expenses are going to rise 15%. you can see sales will rise more than that.

Interesting stuff when you talk about tesla -- what is going to happen in china.

Elon musk has been uncharacteristically timid about what he expects.

He has been more optimistic recently, saying the model as price will be the same in the u.s. as far as the chinese announcement and we will probably get more from the company going forward.

A basically highlight the first model s scheduled for this spring.

We plan to make a supercharger network and a highlight that the largest.

Not saying anything new, just emphasizing the commitment there.

You would expect strong demand out of this car for china if they can make the leap to the electric car.

The chinese like sedans with a lot of room.

This car has a trunk in the front.

A trunk in the front?

There is a trunk in the front.

You can stick to people in the back, three people in the backseat and there are in the rear trunk looking at the back -- then you have the front trunk

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