Tesla Launches Website to Gauge Demand in China

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller discusses Tesla taking orders for the Model S and Model X in China with Olivia Sterns on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is the early addition of "bloomberg west," i am emily chang.

Now, for your bloomberg top headlines.

The fda is taking aim at antibacterial soap.

Under a new rule proposal the fda will require many factors to prove that the popular soaps are safe and effective.

There's no evidence that antibacterial soap is better than regular sub, and it says there may be long-term health risks in using it.

Secretary of state john kerry is in vietnam for meetings on climate change.

While there he also talked about china's new defense zones.

China should not try to extend the zone further south, where it has territory disputes with the anon and the philippines.

And china is calling its mission to the moon a success after its unmanned moon rover sent back pictures of the moon surface.

China became the third spacecraft to land a craft on the moon over the weekend.

The next launch is scheduled for 2017. from aston krisher, to others, celebrity signed up for the code.org initiative.

Learning the skills isn't important for your furniture, it is important for our countries future.

If we want america to stay on the cutting edge, we need a known americans like you to master the tools and technology that will change the way we do just about everything.

The nonprofit organization got 15 million students in 100 countries to sit down for an hour long coding session.

One of five students in the united states participated in the event.

Can this translate into many more hours of computer science education?

I've been talking to you guys from the very beginning about this, and it is great to see you getting traction.

How do you feel about the numbers so far?

This has been the most amazing week of my life.

One week ago i was up at 2:00 a.m., and we had 35,000 classrooms signed up to do this our code, and all i could think was one of the servers can't handle it?

No website in history has opened up to the amount of uses we were going to happen.

You had more girls participate in this hour of code didn't -- that in the last 70 years of computer science, is that true?


More girls expanded -- experience better science last week than in the history of it.

How to get teachers to do that going forward?

One of the great things we do with the hour of code is we are not recruit the students, we recruited the teachers.

They have an even number of boys and girls, but we did not actually go out to go out for the girls, the teachers didn't and they brought in equal ratios because that is what you have in math classes at the gross classes.

This has given us free nude optimism in the potential of the american teacher.

The other people that you have recruited personally, i know that you guys have been the boots on the ground getting these people to join you, mark zuckerberg, bill gates, jack orsi come i have they given you any feedback about this process?

Mark zuckerberg has been there from the very beginning.

We are hard -- it is hard to tell you apart.

Everyone has opened us with open arms -- welcomed us with open arms.

They're been very few people who thought this is not a good idea, because who is against teaching technology to kids?

How you get them to continue their support?

We have a long-term plan aired in we started about a year go, and we wanted to change the face of commuters that computer science and america.

This is not an easy task.

Schools don't not had he does, there are not enough teachers did you discover even with the offer gives do not want to take it.

The state education does not recognize it.

We have to help the schools, and we had to make it cool.

The hardest part of that is how to make it cool.

How have the kids received it?

Is it a class that they don't want to take?

We have had over the top coming -- comments coming back saying that the girls are doing this all weekend long.

How do you make it an established curriculum?

I did turn one hour of code into many hours of code, for many years?

Partnered with the school districts, we have partnerships with both chicago and new york come into the top three district in the company that country, and we announced a program to give classroom awards to teachers for every teacher that puts that are classroom -- puts it in their classroom.

? where does that money come from?

Mark zuckerberg, and other investors.

Do you find yourself in a lot of red tape?

Some have been easier than others.

Chicago and new york have been rather easy, but there've been others that have not been, so we hope that the locals will say that they are interested.

It is the holiday season, and i've been buying gifts for some little kids have and i had trouble finding some stuff that i could give them which would encourage them or expose them to coding.

Any ideas for gifts to expose kids to coding?

There is a gourd called robot turtles that just came out where you are writing codes that move these turtles on the board.

That is a great one.

There are ipad apps, and then the code.org website itself has not just one hours worth, and an ongoing set of problems that kids are actually really getting hooked on.

It is fun.

I know know how you can turn that into a gift, but is a great activity for families to do.

Congratulations again.

We will be watching you for many more hours of code going forward.

Thank you for joining us.

24 states across the united aides see a big opportunity in droves.

We will tell you how they are competing for a slice of the drone pipe.

If you miss any of our interviews can now watch us on apple tv, it is a brand new experience.

? this is "bloomberg west," i'm emily chang.

Jeff bezos is testing drones for delivery, and now many local governments see a business opportunity in droves.

24 states are vying for permission to build and run testing facilities for commercial drones.

The faa says that plans to -- it plans to select six sites this month.

One example of commercial drones use, the newest spy drone, the maverick.

The drones design takes an innovative approach to self.

To the earthbound observer and looks like a circling bird of prey.

Here's the newest intelligence gathering tool.

? what the future holds.

Now turning to bitcoin.

If you want to bet long on the virtual currency, what better way than to put them in your retirement account?

That is what we are looking at that -- on day six of our 12 days of bitcoin.

If it were up to me i would say no.

You have been digging into a fund that lets able put it going into their retirement account?

Let me jump to the end of the story first, and just tell you that this is a story that caught my eye initially because i saw fidelity allows that going retirement accounts.

I thought that that sounded insane.

The man who runs a second market and who is now starting a new bitcoin investment trust has said himself that that coin is an incredibly in -- risky investment.

You either end up with nothing, or very meaningful returns.

Right now we are looking at a bit quite little less than a $800 -- a bit quite a little less than $800. the max was $1200, but it did not hit that.

Some people trade on ebay, it is that type of currency,/commodity /trade.

Fidelity decided they would not carry these retirement accounts.

In any case, it is still interesting to look at the bitcoin investment trust as sort of an etf per bitcoin, although it will not be an exchange traded fund for several years.

This is only for accredited investors.

This is in for grandma to put her retirement in, you have to be an institution or have more than $1 million in pretty liquid funds in order to get into this.

You can go in for a couple of other financial service providers, and then indirectly invest in bitcoin.

The minimum there is $25,000. you can also just by a bitcoin, or fractions of bitcoin for well under $1000. great to know.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

The hobbit is back in theaters, and desolated the competition.

Is it really all good news for warner bros.


We will take a look at the holiday box office next.

? this is the early edition of "bloomberg west," i'm emily chang.

Singapore-based chipmaker avago is buying lsi.

$1 billion in cash and also $4.6 billion in investments from partners.

"the hobbit" had a monster opening weekend rate it is not all good news for warner bros.

Pictures, the studio that distributed the film.

It missed the $85 million mark at the first hobbit film achieved on opening weekend.

Jon erlichman is back with more on today's new hollywood.

A curious title with the second hobbit movie.

That could be a story in itself.

The holiday season so important, also sometimes deciding if it was good or not to release.

A big weekend for "the hobbit", perhaps not as big as some had thought, what is your reaction?

A pretty solid weekend, $74 million is a big big number, it is a little below expectations, and allow the first edition, but is beginning to be the busy holiday season.

What are the busiest we've seen over the past several years, so this is a big franchise, it is getting a lot of marketing support.

We think it will play well in the united states market, and what what is most important for these big franchise movies is the international market.

That is become such a big part of the movie business, it really does make or break the movie.

Let's talk about what is happening in north america.

This is a time when people have entered us -- endless entertainment options.

What is going to happen in the box office this year?

Hollywood has been hanging in there pretty well with box office receipts so far.

Coming into this holiday season, docs office attendance was about as flat as well.

What we are hoping here if you're a hollywood executive is some of the biggest movies coming here in the last several weeks are going to be really important.

There are 12 major releases in the month of december or the traditional hollywood, that is more than we have seen in the last dozen years or so.

It is really going to be a key driver for the overall ox office this year.

In the early days of 3-d, that was seen as a potential differentiator, a way for people to come to the theater.

In the case of the hobbit film, about half of the people sought in 3-d. what does that tell you?

What we have learned from 3-d over the past several years is that it really is movie specific.

The 3-d effects really do enhance the moviegoer a variance, and that gets out, and moviegoers will pay for it.

The new normal for the percentage of box office coming from 3-d is somewhere in that 45% to 55% range certainly below where we saw "avatar," the first big success.

Those are incremental dollars to both hollywood and to the theater owners.

Paul sweeney, always appreciate your insight.

I send it back to you, emily.

Thanks, we have some breaking news.

The nsa's phone surveillance program is probably unconstitutional, we have a ruling.

The plaintiff can probably show that this program violates the fourth amendment which is the right to privacy.

A gun -- a judge has ruled that it is probably unconstitutional which means a lawsuit can continue.

We'll continue to bring any details as we have been but but this could be a violation of the fourth amendment.

We will have more of "bloomberg west," after this.

? welcome back to "bloomberg west," a little -- quick update on the breaking news.

A u.s. judge has ruled that the nsa phone surveillance program, the one that was revealed by the former contractor edwards noted could be unconstitutional, and could violate the fourth amendment.

That is the right to privacy.

This means that a pending lawsuit can go forward because this judge has ruled that this program by the nsa is probably unconstitutional.

We will continue to cover the story on bluebird television throughout the day.

Stay tuned for anymore in -- details as we have them.

It is time for on the markets, 56 past the hour.

I'm going to get straight to olivia sterns in new york.

One company in the news today, tesla.

The electric car company launched its chinese website earlier this morning.

What is the plan here?

They don't sell the cars in china yet, is it to get the pre- orders?

It is to gauge how much demand is going to be.

Elon musk has said that china is really a wild card in their expansion strategy.

They will be taking $40,000 reservations for a $200,000 model as our model acts.

They could get as many as 5000, or it could be more, or could be less.

There are very few taxes, they are expecting at least some demand that their, -- demade nd there, about half of what they see in europe.

We got to speak to the man behind the model, and what the is pretty behind the design was.

This happened four years ago as a clean sheet of paper.

Design process usually starts with some sort of inspiration, and for the model s it really began with an idea of how to capture efficiency.

We started with a whole new drivetrain of a whole new architecture by whole new drawing.

The us version came a little bit from looking at athletes, and how trained they are to winning the game.

That is the story of efficiency.

At the time i was influenced by the tour de france, and the bikers who really had zero body

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