Tesla Fires Probed as CEO Musk Decries Media Focus

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller talks with Betty Liu about the U.S. investigation into the safety of Tesla’s Model S vehicles following three fires in five weeks and CEO Elon Musk’s reaction to media coverage of the fires. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


We just heard elon musk say there will not be a recall of this car.

And that you have the government probe.

Especially if you are in the stock before the first car caught fire.

We should point out that these kind of investigations happen on a regular basis.

A preliminary investigation, according to the website.

Nisa says that these fires were caused by thermal runaway, the same phrase they used for the fires in the batteries on the boeing 787. none of those burned down as some of these cars have.

They were much bigger.

The stock has dropped since the first fire by almost 40%. that is huge just from these three fires.

A lot of people have been saying that we should have seen a probe sooner, and investigation sooner.

Lobbyists said the government shutdown is the reason nisa has not gotten around to it until now.

Elon musk has called the media coverage of these fires outrageous in a blog post that he put out yesterday.

He said you were more likely to be struck by lightning than to be in a fire in a tesla.

He has some facts to back it up.

Since the tesla model s started production at the end of last year, there have been three fires.

All other vehicles, 250,000 fires.

I am only talking about the u.s. here.

They've only made 19,000 teslas since production started.

There are 250 million other vehicles on the road.

It is just that there are so many skeptics out there and this is all fodder for them.

To say, look, we know that it is so unknown and here is another unknown which is why we need to go back to the drawing board.

It is a branded -- back to the drawing board.

It is a brand-new technology.

The stock soared 800%. that brings a lot of short- sellers out, even more skepticism.

There are only 20,000 examples of this car on the road.

Is anybody in detroit watching this closely?

I think everybody is watching this closely.

Obviously, all the carmakers are watching this closely because they want to follow suit.

Tesla is not the first electric are to be investigated after fires.

Gm, chevy volt was also investigated.

The karma was also investigated for fires.

In such a nascent business that everyone is keeping an eye on --

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