Tesla Disruption Won’t Rival Big Automakers: Harris

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Brian Belski, Chief investment strategist at BMO Capital Markets and Bill Harris, CEO at Personal Capital, discuss the state of the automakers and the potential impact of Tesla’s disruption of the automotive industry. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Cyclical area.

We are worried about the middle retailer.

On these near-term inventory side of things -- people are buying the autos from emerging markets and smaller cars.

It is not about the monthly inventory.

The best time to buy a car in the states is late december.

They start to massively discount and move the stuff off the lots.

Let's bring bill harris in on this.

You actually were very close to someone at paypal -- elon musk.

He was my partner.

He is trying to disrupt the way dealership works.

I think he will be successful, absolutely.

He is already quite successful.

That does not mean that the stock price is a good value.

In terms of building a great car, putting a tremendous amount of technology into that, and then also disrupting in terms of the way the cars are distributed, he is doing it.

Is it scalable> ? in a way.

He will achieve critical mass.

Will it rival gm, toyota?

I don't think so.

Within this auto industry, there are global automakers as well.

You are in canada with bmo capital.

Where do you want to buy the emerging markets and small cars?

Toyota has stumbled a little bit.

They have come back at little bit product was.

Ford is on a near-term basis.

The one to be watching would be chrysler because of what they have been doing.

I know you don't follow individual companies, but what is a signal to you of disruption if alan mulally was to move from four to microsoft.

Is it a big deal when a ceo walks out the door?

It is because of what ford means in particular to the recovery.

You will be talking about detroit a lot today.

We are starting to see some recovery in detroit.

From a psychological basis, it is a big deal, especially how successful he has been from an operating basis turning around the company.

A lot of the sales have been driven by discounting.

Especially by toyota.

He said that ford cited some aggressive discounting by toyota.

If we get another month of underwhelming numbers for november, will carmakers then go

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