Tesla, BMW Rivalry Electrifying Luxury Car Market

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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller examines the luxury electric car industry as BMW releases the i8 as a challenge to Tesla’s Model S and whether the future of green automobiles lies in electricity of fuel cells. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Maybe the model as has been that way.

What is the next one?

Good question.

They rule this segment hands down.

It is hard to believe tesla is 11 years old.

Seems like it is so new, the model s rapp accompanied to the national stage.

You had a roadster, it was a lotus with batteries in it.

Not nearly as sophisticated or well put together as the model s. that has been one of the greatest keys to the success of the company, this car is so great.

The fit and finish is amazing.

The efficiency and the handling, the power delivery.

It really is the ultimate driving machine and electric.

Just why -- you and i have both driven it.

I love it.

I don't why they have pictures of me driving it and not you.

No, they want you.

I put together a list of comparisons between these two cars, the bmw i8, the biggest obvious challenger, it is not out yet.

The tesla.

The bmw i8 is sportier.

Zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds.

The tesla does it in a little over four.

Ig t gets 310 miles, it is a gas hybrid.

Tesla says he gets 300 miles.

It is a little bit more expensive.

Tesla says that car starts at $71,000, that is rubbish.

If you are a rich guy going to buy a tesla, you're going to walk out with a 130 thousand dollar car.

The bmw is about the same, $137,000. was in it car in the past?

The newest it car is alvaro mayo's -- ios alfa romeo's 4c. it is about fuel efficiency as well as performance.

The new kind of it cars are going to be hydrogen cars.

Alan mulally was telling me that was going to be the future.

Loyola putting out a $70,000 hydrogen fuel cell car in japan.

There's a lot of pushback from people, including elon musk.

He calls them "fool cells," saying they are a load of rubbish.


They're too expensive, they run gas through plastic panels laced with platinum.

Morgan stanley cannot this morning saying it is kind of a load of rubbish, they have not made any event is in technology

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