Tesla: 2013 Sustainable Energy Standout Performer

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Jan. 03 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Siobhan Wagner reports on how clean energy stocks performed in 2013 and why the sector saw a recovery. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

2013 into context of years of less strong context -- performance.

It is nowhere near what it was in 2007. i guess what we can call one 813 is a -- 2013 is a decent recovery.

Shares start recovering not when the news is good necessarily but when it is not getting any worse.

It is interesting to see that these chairs performed strongly in 2013 even at a time when new investment in clean energy according to the measures you look at declined for the second year.

I guess the reason that new clean energy investment has declined is because first of all technology is a lot cheaper.

It is a lot cheaper than it was several years ago.

The other reason is policy uncertainty.

In europe it is having a negative affect on new investment in clean energy projects.

So we are talking about solar, wind, which are the sectors that did well in 2013? solar did well.

Solar stocks were up 70% last year.

With that said, over the past year and a half, there has been a handful of well-known solar manufacturers that have gone out of business so the ones that remain look stronger.

The sector that is getting everyone excited is smart technologies.

Smart grids, electric vehicles and led manufacturers.

One of the reasons that people are getting excited is that electric vehicles and sales more than doubled in 2013 worldwide.

You can't talk about electric vehicles without talking about tesla.

That was one of the standout performers.

Certainly -- certainly.

It was trading at $193 a share at one point.

It had a good year.

Also, it beat estimates for the sales of its model s sedan.

What is the outlook for these clean energy companies this year?

We see that there is probably going to be continued strong performance in the solar market.

We see a recovery in the wind market.

That is mostly because of the production tax credit in the u.s. being extended.

They also changed the eligibility role for that.

Developers have made some kind of financial obligation at the end of last year.

They could still build projects that are eligible for the tax credit next year.

Excuse me, 2014, this year.

We were probably see a strong recovery in that.

Also, electric vehicle sales.

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