James Foley’s Killer: How Beheading Video Gives Clues

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on the hunt for photojournalist James Foley’s executioner. Cook speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The killing.

Chief washington correspondent peter cook has more.

Do authorities believe they have much to work with your?

As you know, the executioner didn't have a mask on.

Trying to hide his identity -- they left some clues behind according to a challenge officials who have looked at the video.

A former french hostage say he may even recognize the man as a british jihadist who he referred to as john.

I spoke with a former cia case agent to get an idea of what investigators are looking at.

They tell me technicians will scrub the video for metadata, looking for a timestamp -- location of the computer used to upload this video.

They want to know who downloaded it, that could provide clues.

They will focus on the video production.

The panorama style shooting in broad daylight is very bold and unusual.

It tells him they were not worried about being spotted from the air or drones.

That and the desert background suggests that it was shot in syria away from the iraqi border.

If they can get more on the time and location of foley's murder, they can look for communication traffic around that time, a critical component.

Maybe the best clue is the voice on the video itself.

This is james foley, an american cityizen of your country.

The british voice with a slight accent suggests he is from the southeast of england, most likely london.

The audio will be matched to databases.

U.k. intelligence officials tells us it is possible the voice and the man in the video are not the same person.

Interesting to hear all this information and know what kind of clues they will be looking at.

At the same time, do authorities run the risk that these terrorists are going to be able to get away because there is so much information out there?

How do you balance this?

There's a lot of information but there are clues within this video.

That is important.

This was bold, but they did leave some telltale marks.

One is the executioner's physical appearance.

There are things that they can determine from the images.

There is no chance for a retinal match, but eyes can lead to facial recognition.

70% of the face is the eye area, that can be all they need.

He appears to be left-handed.

It is difficult but possible.

Pretty amazing, all the things they are able to use in terms of technology, thank you.

I will be talking to you later.

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