Tensions Rise in the Baltic Region

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March 7 (Bloomberg) -- International Affairs Reporter Michael Kay updates the latest news from Ukraine on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The crimea will be separated from the rest of the country.

The u.s. is bolstering defenses in the baltics, sending six warplanes yesterday and another dozen on the way.

We are joined by the former adviser to the u.k. ministry of defense.

Michael is also a fighter pilot in the british special forces.

What kind of message is it sending when we send 18 warplanes into the baltics?

Will putin respond to this in any way?

I don't think 18 warplanes in the grand scheme of things is really going to bother putin too much.

These are micro events that are occurring to make an effort to seem to be doing something.

The bottom line is that if you take a micro perspective on this, whichever way putin goes at the moment it's the wrong way.

Personally, putin has some significant undesired consequences with his actions in crimea at the moment that west should be seeking to exploit.

Economically, this is a real opportunity for america to get involved with the supply of gas to those countries within europe the really needed.

Henry kissinger talking in the last two days a lot.

Henry kissinger really going away from the dialogue in washington.

We have a vote happening march 16. that vote got moved up.

The thought being that you might see crimea separated from the rest of ukraine.

What does that mean to the stability of the region?

If i was putin, a referendum with a potential outcome of crimea being annexed from ukraine is a nightmare.

A referendum comes about through the people of crimea, the local political movements.

It is negotiated within a sovereign territory of the country is looking to be annexed from, so kiev.

Kiev does not have a political structure that has credibility.

Russia, crimea and ukraine and the west of the world --could ability that russia, crimea and ukraine and the rest of the world can be happy with.

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