Katie Couric Will 'Disappear' on Yahoo: Bibb

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Porter Bibb, managing partner at Mediatech Capital partners, examines Yahoo’s plan to boost content with big name hires and how television is going down the path of the music industry from a decade ago. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

It is debatable whether really works.

You now have yahoo!, an online platform, importing this model.

Why would it do that?

Marissa mayer has to do something.

She has not done a whole lot.

She spent $1 billion on tom wheeler.

Advertising, is flat.

She has not figured out what yahoo!

Wants to be.

It is not just katie couric, either.

They have also hired david pope.

Megan lieberman from the new york times.

What evidence is out there that suggests that stars like couric will drive advertising as opposed to the brand?

There is no evidence.

It is a hunch?

Exactly, that is the best thing i've heard.

It is promoted murtha.

She has done a great job of promoting her own status.

She has not done much, but it cut in the flow -- get caught in the flow.

The answer here, this is fascinating.

This is a 1960s bid for talent.

Everyone is digital.

Linear television.

It is tv, folks.

It is stupid television.

That is fine.

It is an old bidding war.

Totally old-time.

Katie is going to disappear into the ether when she is on yahoo!. but get paid very handsomely.

Why would she disappear into the ether?

It is not a content business anymore.

They have a lot of visitors every month, but that does not equate to delivering audiences that t/ television can deliver.

What do we want?

Do i want little digital videos or katie on cbs or abc?

You do not want katie anywhere.

She is going south.

Her talk show will not renew.

If marissa mayer wanted to bring some content, why did she not go to coldbert and bring something that visitors can understand and relate to?

Are there any media companies that are moving away from the major source of revenue, which is advertising?

Is there any evolution on that front?

You have to look at cbs.

They are selling to anybody.

Is that the last or offer them?

That is the last hurrah for old media.

Why are we seeing an old- fashioned bidding war?

It is almost a victory lap for old-style tv.

Bidding war where?

Not for katie couric.

She did not go to cnn or anywhere else after abc said -- maybe that is over.

? there was a fabulous series of all of the tv that we love and want.

How about those patriots?

The decline in viewership in the trends that are out there.

All of these bodies are moving around.

You cannot substitute the content.

You have to have the brainpower.

The music industry revisited.

They did not see what was happening 10-12 years ago in the music industry.

I have a chart that i want to weigh in on.

It is a shift away from it layer television.

-- linear television.

It shows that time warner is crumbling, while smaller players like for eisen and at&t are picking up market share.

There are winners and losers here.

They went over the past couple of years.

Is it worth while still to look at who is going to win or lose when people are paying up for the distribution of content?

It is about the winners and losers, in terms of the next platform and the next delivery system.

People are actually going to imbibe that content.

That is the key in making investment decisions.

Thank you so much.

I want to get the last word in here.

We're keying up for helima croft in the next hour.

What will you watch for from the president's own party?

In the senate, will they move forward with a bill to increase sanctions against iran?

The republican party would readily past one.

Even some of his allies like chuck schumer, they are very uncomfortable with this agreement.

If they move forward, it is difficult to completely derail.

But it changes the tenor of the interaction with iran.

Is this a negotiation that henry kissinger would have loved?

I actually think he will

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