Telecom Italia Mulls Vivendi Alliance

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on Telecom Italia considering an alliance with Vivendi’s GVT business that would involve merging the companies’ Brazilian Units in an effort to compete with Telefonica’s bid for the business. She speaks to Mark Barton and Manus Cranny on “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back to "countdown." we are talking telecoms, talking the battle for brazil.

Vivendi's telecom asset, telecom italia is getting ready to consider.

Will they trump telefonica's bi d. it is really getting down and dirty between telecom of spain, the dominant telecom player, and telecom italia.

Telefonica has a large stake in telecom italia.

A both want to get into brazil because it is the fastest-growing country for people getting on the internet.

Spain and italy, it is sluggish.

Vivendi has the golden goose, it has the brazilian asset which telefonica has said 27 billion euros for this.

They knew that telecom italia and vivendi were talking.

They were already chatting.

The chief executives were already sitting down with the chairman of vivendi saying, look, i have interest.

They have expressed interest months ago.

Telefonica got there first, made debate in public, but now this is brewing behind the scenes.

They are swaying -- they are saying i will swap assets, remember they make their own content.

This is a way that vivendi can access italy, telecom italia can access brazil.

It could be that much more attractive than the spanish

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