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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Xavier Court, Co-Founder of Vente-Privee, discusses the UK launch of their sites wine section. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you so much for joining us.

Give me a sense of exactly what vente-privee wants to become.

You started with a little bit of luxury, flash sales.

You can buy this product.

24 hours before.

Then i have a short window to buy the products.

Why wine?

You never plan to buy something.

Vente-privee is based on impulsive buying.

You think about wine.

You do not think about buying wine.

You can have a fantastic wine in front of you, tasted by great wine taster's, with a big discount, roughly 40% as an average -- you jump on it come you receive it at home by mail.

It is heavy.

It is the extra of delivery hassle taken care of.

Give me a sense, when you look at different countries, where do you expect us to do better?

It will probably be a bigger percentage in the u.k. compared to france.


In the u.k., wine is a bigger part of business.

People love wine and they love to discover new ones.

All the one from the world, from chile, south africa, california -- in france, it is french one.

Vente-privee is a great way of discovering new one.

-- wine.

It is good for the economy wine in the u.k., good for the producers of wine from around the world, and it is good for vente-privee.

Talk about your strategy.

I asked you about the dna of vente-privee.

You are doing so well.

For me, the sky is the limit.

You said you did not want to do deals with supermarkets.

How do you choose what you sell and with whom you do it?

We work with products from the supermarket.

We also work with local products , very small producers from everywhere in europe.

We work with both sides of the market.

It is always with discounts, ma limited time -- in a limited time.

We do not want to compete with supermarkets.

Vente-privee is the opposite.

You do not seeing -- think about buying a product, but because you see it in a beautiful way and that a very good price and you buy it.

After that, you go to the store.

40% of the people, of the buyers do not fund the products they want, the going to the store within 24 hours and then buy it at least once in the next six months.

How much can you grow from here?

Really, i think the sky is the limit.

In 10 years we went from zero to $100 million.

Next will be 5 billion in europe.

Our market is europe.

We are in the u.s., but our main market is europe.

I do not see the limit.

The small producer from the u.k., from france -- it can sell , it can sell everywhere in europe . i want to get your sense of what the biggest concern is.

We are a step ahead in the u.k. in terms of delivery.

Suburban kids and retailers are trying to find easier ways to deliver the goods.

-- supermarkets and retailers are trying to find easier ways to deliver the goods.

The future is online and off-line at the same time, in the same store.

I think the future.

Thank you so much.

The cofounder of vente-privee.

In 20 minutes, it is "surveillance." tom, i bet you get everything delivered.

We get everything delivered.

My quality wines -- you would be

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