Tech Truce: eBay, Icahn Settle PayPal Proxy Battle

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April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Ari Levy examines the settlement of the proxy battle between eBay and billionaire investor Carl Icahn and looks at whether or not the fight is truly over on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Where he drove the turnaround.

He is widely respected or his integrity and independence.

He is an independent board member whose qualifications match all of our board.

Ebay ceo john donahoe with erik schatzker.

I want to bring in our tech editor.

An interesting interview by erica there.

Why did donahoe suddenly back down?

Why did icahn backed off?

This is truly a compromise.

Ebay is adding another independent board member.

They are not spinning off paypal.

It would have been a massive change in the way the company operates.

Paypal accounts for 35% of ebay revenue.

A huge piece of the business.

Fastest-growing piece of the business.

Adding a board member was a way to placate carl icahn without fundamentally changing anything they are going.

He still thinks they would be better separated somewhere down the line.

Is he going to internally continue this fight?

Presumably so.

That is what he says is the best way for the company to run.

The company has 12 board members.

Carl icahn is not one.

He will continue to voice his opinion.

How much it matters is not totally clear at the moment.

What are the optics here?

Ebay probably comes out of this looking ok in that they added one board member, so they don't have to give up any current board members.

That was all conflict of interest things that carl icahn was out for.

They have conflicts with other companies.

They don't have to give up any current board members.

A key paypal and add one independent board member.

Or paypal, this could have ended a lot worse.

Carl icahn is not the only person who thinks it would be better separate.

Some of the original founders of paypal as say they think it would be better separately as well.

Paypal's business has become a bigger part of ebay's total business.

Is this a question they will have to address?

The issue is, is paypal a better business outside of ebay?

Ebay is the parent company.

The board members and investors

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