Tech Titans Unite to Force NSA Surveillance Reform

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Michelle Richardson, legislative counsel at American Civil Liberties Union, discusses the push by the tech industry for reform of NSA surveillance programs on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Cyber and government transparency issues like the foreign surveillance act.

She joins us from washington, d.c. isn't it a little ironic given that many of the technology companies have been cooperating?

Is this just political posturing?

We have been debating privacy since 9/11 nine years ago.

This is really the first time they are weighing in and saying the government has gone too far.

Except for the fact that they have a lot braided if the government in certain cases, right?


I think what prompted the new movement is the recent revelation that they are not just serving the companies with court orders that hacking into the system overseas where the laws do not apply.

It might have been what pushed them over the edge to get involved.

The people who run the companies are powerful.

Together they account for a large part of the united states economy.

How is the government likely to respond?

This as a whole new voice to the privacy debate.

By this he advocates and members of congress have been taken -- taking a principled stake.

This is really a game changer.

The president is expecting a report from the pointed review rupe just this week.

President obama said he is trying to get the nsa to impose self-restraint.

I will be proposing some self-restraint on the nsa.

And to initiate reforms that can get people more confidence.

I want everyone to be clear, people of the nsa generally are looking out for the safety of the american people.

They are not interested in reading your e-mails or text messages.

President obama speaking on hardball.

What kind of reforms eu imagine the president is talking about here it?

The way he phrases it as self-restraint will not be enough.

The nsa artie has privacy rules that it violates on a regular basis.

It cannot be trusted to police itself.

The most important thing that we hope will be endorsed is fundamentally changing the statute, the rules so they can no longer collect information on everyday americans and innocent people are not -- who are not suspected of doing anything wrong.

How can the government and nsa truly protect us is everything it's -- is transparent?

No one is calling for them to name terrorist targets or explain who they are spying on.

We're just asking they explain the very different parameters.

Release the underpinnings.

It is crazy in the united states we have a secret court making secret law and interpretations about the constitution.

There is a lot of information we can make public that will not tip off the bad guys but allow us to have an informed bait for the first time since 9/11. ==-- debate since 9/11. we would like to see the companies fight back against the court orders and challenge them.

We would also like to see them get involved in the legislative debate.

I think that is what is so important about today's release.

They are finally in -- endorsing the idea that the government should not be scooping up the information.

We very much look forward to working with them to take them to the next step.

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