Talking Tough: Zuckerberg, Mayer Take on the NSA

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. (Source: Bloomberg)

This is the toughest broadcast on network tv.

We will show you how they will do it.

Amazing stuff.

Let's get it off with tech.

An inactive defiance, two of the biggest names in silicon valley are not holding back on the government surveillance program.

We will start with the ceo of the world's most popular social networking service.

I think that the government blew it.

They blew it on communicating what they were -- basically the balance of what they were going for.

Tough talk from facebook chief mark zuckerberg at the tech crunch disrupt on for us yesterday.

But he was not the only one.

We fought, we lost.

If you don't comply, it is treason.

Yeah, yahoo!

Ceo marissa mayer getting on the action too.

Take that, nsa.

Mayer says her company does not just rollover.

Now what we do, we review each request, push back on a lot, we push back on the local government, we push back on the class in terms of the nsa.

We cannot talk about many things because they're classified.


I mean, just -- let's say right now you were to tell us the truth about the stuff is going on, the seventh classify, what do you think would happen to you?

I mean, releasing provided fresh and is treason.

I would be incarcerated.

-- classified information is treason.

I would be incarcerated.

I think when you look at -- we actually think that it makes more sense in terms of scrutinizing requests, analyzing them, doing the best to protect our users, that it makes sense for us to work within the system.

We filed suit against the government again on monday, asking to be able to be more transparent with the numbers the nsa requests.

So we have really taken a charge.

A lot of other companies as well.

Pushing for more transference the, pushing back on unreasonable requests, pushing back -- it might not be reasonable.

We are petitioning the government to be able to release the documents.

Ok, let's get back to mark zuckerberg.

He was fired up about the government's role in protecting data and his own.

We take our role very seriously.

I think it is my job and our job to protect everyone who uses facebook and all the information that they share with us.

It is our government's job to protect all of us and also to protect our freedoms and protect the economy, right, and companies that i think they did a bad job of balancing those things.

The morning after this started breaking, there were allegedly by asking what they thought, and the government, was, don't worry, we're not spying on any americans.

It is like oh, wonderful, that is really helpful, to companies who are trying to serve people around the world, and it is really going to spot -- inspire confidence in american internet company.

Thank you for going out there and being really clear about what you were doing.

So i think that was really bad.

And we have been pushing just to get more transparency on this.

I actually think we have made a big difference.

The big question that you would get from all of the coverage is -- what is the volume of the total number of requests that are going on?

Is a closer to 1000 requests that the government is making of us, or the closer to 100 million?

From the coverage and what the government has said, you would not know the difference.

But we worked really hard with the government behind the scenes to get it to the point where we could release the aggregate number of requests.

There were 9000 in the last half a year.

Does that number tell us everything that we want?


that is why when the conversation kind of got to the point where we were not going to make further progress, we decided to sue them so we could reveal is a 1000 or 2000 or 3000 or 4000 or 8000 of the 9000 requests.

But the reality is because of the transparency that we pushed for, now people can know, and i think they deserve to know, that the number of requests that the government is making is closer to 1000, 9000 or less in the last six month come a definitely not 10 million or 100 million -- not a dragnet with regard to grabbing data.


We are not at the end of this.

I wish that the government would be more proactive about communicating.

We are not psyched that we had to sue in order to get this, but we feel like people deserve to know this, and we take this very seriously.

Strong words from a ceo who is pushing for immigration reform.

The tech community really cares about changing the world.

A lot of people -- i would expect to have been -- no, i care about getting high skilled service for my company, but we made very clear this is not just about high skilled -- we're not going to cover my spirit if we're going to push on us, we are going to push for getting full, intensive immigration done.

People in the tech industry are really idealistic and really believing getting that done.

It was not really hard to get people on board.

I have never really been powder -- prouder of my peers for coming together to work on an important issue like that.

Washington aside, zuckerberg has got to be feeling pretty good these days.

Facebook's stock, it is back to about four it was on the ipo, $45 yesterday.

It has been a bumpy ride.

The zuck says it has been worth it.

It is a valuable process.

Having gone through what i think most people would characterize as an extremely turbulent first year as a public company, i can tell you i actually don't think it is that bad.

I was really heartened by the fact that -- i was really worried that people would leave the company, and people would get really demoralize when the stock price went down.

But people really focus on the mission and really believe in the product that they were working on.

I actually think that it has made our company a lot stronger because the process of going -- leading up to going public, you have to know everything about your company.

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