Tech Stocks Lose Their Shine, Fall From Peak

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- “The Purpose Economy” Author Aaron Hurst discusses the market and tech stocks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

There seems to be a disconnect.

It depends on how you look at it in terms of employee base.

A lot of the challenges of the ceos around the culture, the stocks not performing as high.

So much of the -- so much of it is built on the stocks skyrocketing.

Now that the companies are public, do executives spend the time looking at the share price?

I feel like that is a part of it no matter what will stop i think they have to.

The employees are looking at it, the shareholders are looking at it.

It is so critical.

Even if they are not concerned about shareholders, they have to worry about employees.

You right courageously about the new world.

You have a chart on page 32 of your book, which essentially says the old world is over.

What do our viewers and listen -- what do our viewers and listeners do?

Do you leave them behind?

Or can you have both worlds coexisting?

I don't know if they will the entire time, but i think it is important that they are able to -- there is a new set of companies that will be going public in the next year or two.

Part of this new economy.

They are making purpose more a part of their products.

I think we will see those replace the highflying tech stocks.

What araron is talking about affects a lot.


In other words, we have to stop the looting.

Number four -- we have to stop the polluting.

Identified the need to develop empathy for those affected by -- that would be me.

You buy a pair of shoes and then you get tom keene a pair of shoes.

I think it is paying a huge role in employment and jobs.

People are willing to forgo a job or take submarket pay.

Purpose in a sense is becoming a currency.

We are seeing this with millennial's over and over again, choosing lower paying jobs.

What is jpmorgan doing to adapt to this?

It is not adjusting the fundamentals, which is the 9:00 to 5:00 -- unless they address the fundamentals, they are just using band-aids.

Do you see this with young employees and new entrants at wells fargo?

I think we are fortunate because we have a pretty selective employee options.

People understand that the game is the 6:00 a.m. to midnight, so they are not coming to us unless they are willing to put those hours in.

This monday as you study for the cfa exam and have no life, we go to aaron hearst and the money question.

-- aaron hurst.

It is a stand -- a sad state of affairs.

It is a from a question of what they are doing at the time they are working.

That worries me.

It is more a question of are you bringing yourself to work, are you able to bring yourself to work.

We work -- you worked 35 hours last week, right?

.gov know, i thought it was 35 hours yesterday.

Thank you so much.

Go back to purpose at wells fargo.

We are going to be discussing global growth on our ability to manage risks for businesses.

The opportunities there coming up.


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