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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on engineers from Oracle, Google and Red Hat Linux being dispatched to fix the website. Cook speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Now we know the identities of people involved.

What can you tell us?

We know a few companies, google, oracle contributing to this effort.

They are being hired by the contractors who were responsible for the website.

It is not like they are coming to work directly for the federal government.

They are there and trying to help with analytical problems that have plagued the website.

The administration will take help anywhere it can to address those problems.

In the meantime, republicans on capitol hill hammering the administration over problems with the website.

Asking tough questions about how many people are signed out.

We had darrell issa release some the most late yesterday, internal memos from the hhss.

-- hhs.

Only 248 people had signed up after the first two days.

That is the number front and center.

Help me out, i don't know the washington red ends -- redskins.

What will be the focus of conversation for the sunday talk shows within all the health care must -- health care mass?

Health care and the nsa.

That issue is dominating as much as health care.

There are big implications for the business community.

Our cybersecurity conference this week focused on the fact that the edward snowden situation, the disclosures come any questions about surveillance are having an impact on what should be a separate issue.

Beefing up the digital defenses.

That issue is as big an issue in washington as health care.

Francine lacqua went to hans nichols where this is front and center in berlin.

You wonder if it will hurt u.s. corporations abroad.

Blocking confirmation, this came out yesterday, a new republican tactic.

It does not bode well for some upcoming battles over the budget, the shutdown, have a poisoned the waters?

We had about two weeks of company after the shutdown, we got right back into partisan politics.

Mel watt, block to be the fhfa director with oversight over frannie mae and freddie mac.

The first time a sitting member of congress has been blocked since before the civil war.

People talking about the nuclear option, filibusters are being used to block the president's picks.

Harry reid has some decisions.

Another judge what's blocked, this is heading for another showdown.

We enjoyed the column in washington.

-- the calm in washington.

Peter cook on the nsa and the latest confirmation votes.

Our guest host this hour, richard falkenrath, former head of counterterrorism nypd.

Brendan greeley joins us as well.

It still comes back to edward snowden.

This is a massive cost of the security screwup.

This is the worst security screwup anyone care member.

-- can remember.

It is terrible, it keeps getting

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