Tech IPO Parade Continues: TrueCar Files for $125M

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April 4 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Alix Steel, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Grubhub was not the only ipo.

True car, the online auto shopping service backed by paul allen, they reported the best in seven years.

In 2005, it helps customers purchase cars using information -- but they are still losing money on a $74 million basis.

Three percent of new car sales are actually bought through true car.

It allows you to not have to take a man with you when you go by the car.

Because it gives you the information on what other people previously thought.

It doesn't matter.

If you are female or male, it is nice to get that information.

I tend to find that he knows stuff about cars.

Women can know stuff about cars, but i also find guys know stuff that i don't know about cars.

Do you find that?

I can't believe matt miller is not here.

I would be lost driving a car.

At the online brokerage, explaining the choice to abandon it saying that consumers have recognized investing is complex and hard work.

Politician frank underwood he will be a talent scout.

This is the problem.

It if you want a trusty pitch man, you don't want frank underwood.

It is a much more solid pick.

Has this guy ever played a character that was nice?

21, he was the m.i.t. professor.

American beauty, not a great character.

It's vulnerable when attached to e trade ? he was bobby darin.

Sorry, kevin spacey.

Net profit was up 176% last year.

Probably paying him more than the baby.

Like something people would watch it.

Madison square garden, a 15% equity.

Instead of signing its own deals with pay-tv operators.

73 million households they have reached.

He has gone back to puff daddy as of last week.

They used today.

It is unclear.

[talking over each other] look at the headline.

Jennifer lopez out bids puff daddy.

How great is that for her?

Madison square garden one in $400 million, so they got to the 220 $6 million, the 15% equity stake.

It is a far cry below what they actually wanted.

Red sox slugger david ortiz tweeted a selfie of himself and president obama.

What he did not tell the white house was the moment was a viral stunt arranged by samsung.

The same company behind allen's famous oscar selfie.

He retreated the photo in a gnat and said the photo was taken with the samsung phone.

Jay carney certainly wasn't happy about it.

Without getting into discussion, i can tell you that as a rule, the white house objects with a tense use the president's likeness -- with attempts to use the president's likeness for commercials.

Back in 2010, a raincoat maker called weatherproof garment had to take down a times square billboard.

This is a lot worse.

Samsung is a bigger company and they should know better.

Or you can just marvelous samsung's ability to dominate selfies on twitter.

This is it.

It's not ok.

You are at a public event and you have obama and ortiz speaking and he stopped to take a selfie.

He did ask.

I'm kind of over it.

We are so obsessed with ourselves.

It is legally gray.

The waterproof add, that is clear-cut.

David ortiz is a fan, social media, samsung is a sponsor of his.

It's not like david is trying to promote himself.

It is a sad day for lovers of ukrainian democracy.

A presidential candidate actually changed his name because his real identity could not be verified.

But come on.

Listen to this.

This cracks me up today.

It basically said, our main cast -- task is to return crimea in three days.

I have a tiny thing that putin needs and return.

It is unclear.

I thought there was a hand movement or something but we don't know for sure.

The internet party of the ukraine actually rejects this guy.

Use your jedi mind trick and call it a day.

This was a big selloff today

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