Tech Innovation & Crisis in Ukraine

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March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Mikhail Stepanskiy, Co-Founder of KidAppers, discusses technology used during Ukraine protests and technology companies working within the crisis. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Want to ask you about independent square.

Troops providing food, medicine, money.

Creating barricades.

It is not about throwing molotov cocktails.

For me, it is not an option -- you wanted him out.

He is the kind of man that sees other people in his country like cattle and not like human beings.

[indiscernible] they are kind of in at.

It there is a mobile walkie-talkie.

The influential lives of the russian government.

It is just a coincidence that it was published.

We tried not to have hate in our hearts because they hate just makes us more evil.

It's in the apple store.

Yes, the app store.

It will work for every kid around the world.

We have to let our workers not go to work some days because it is very dangerous on the streets.

The district [indiscernible] we don't have very much time but i think that a little -- people would be surprised that there are so many startups in ki ev and the ukraine.

We have talented guys here.

High-level education.

Working out in kiev and in general.

We will continue this morning,

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