Terror Attack Would Halt NSA Reforms: Falkenrath

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Technology companies including Apple Inc. and Google Inc. called on the U.S. government to reform surveillance practices after revelations the National Security Agency gained access to private networks to conduct spying. Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

How will the nsa in washington respond to the tech elite?

They do not like this at all.

The obama administration, however, may like it, i think.

President obama has already indicated that he will be proposal certain reforms to these processes and has a review panel going over them with a report due by the end of the year.

So it's possible some of these ideas will line up with president obama's own reforms which may be resisted by his intelligence community.

When it's resisted by the intelligence community, i guess that takes us to whatever the next crisis is, whoever wants to predict that.

But does this drift away given the next security crisis for the nation?

No question that if there were another attack, and these practices were faulted, that would be a disaster.

And all efforts to reform them would then stop.

And what this letter essentially is arguing is that the economic benefits to the u.s. economy and to these companies outweigh the reduction in risk that arises from these surveillance practices.

That's a very controversial point.

They're good arguments on both sides of it.

And it is in a way the crux of the matter.

What i found interesting is david kirk patrick was pointing out that you have a lot of tech companies calling on reform of the surveillance practices.

But amazon was not one of them.

Does a company like amazon benefit from these practices?

The good question.

They certainly don't benefit but they do have a very large cloud computing contract with the central intelligence age sifment i'm not sure why amazon was excluded.

What unites these companies is first they're all american companies and second this is all in their economic interest.

When you look at this letter i think the first thing to understand is this is economically motivated.

This is not a civil liberties statement for its own stake.

The president is on an airplane for services to nelson mandela.

I'm going to guess he is going to be briefed along the way on the ukraine.

Inform americans about why we should care about the unrest in the ukraine.

Ukraine is a transitional economy and political system.

And it has decided in the latest round to essentially enclodse its relations from russia and get further away from the european union.

This is not as good for the u.s. interest and for the quality of democratic government inside ukraine.

The country is being torn apart by historic division between the western oriented and eastern oriented russian dominated population and it's playing out on the streets right now.

Richard, thank you very much.

Greatly appreciate it.

Bloomberg contributing editor.

It's like a back thing for americans but it just won't go away.

The pictures of the ukrainians toppling over the statue of lennon startling.

They might have gotten the mem mo by now.

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