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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Yves Behar, founder of Fuseproject, talks about the importance of form and function in technology products on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

How important is his eye and technology?

-- how important is design and technology?

Ui design driven -- your design german products have come upon us.

-- design driven products have come upon us.

It is not aboutt the features, it is about how it works in my life.

I thought that is a function of the technology and the features as opposed to the design?

Design is something we can enjoy and appreciate on an aesthetic level, does not matter how good something looks.

If it does not work, it does not work.

There is an older definition of design, just about how it looks and the external.

A new definition is that it encompasses all of the aspects -- what technology is in there, the size, the sequence of how it works.

It brings together the user interface and the physical part of the object.

The new approach is that design is integrated and every decision being made through the development of a product.

If the google deal for next reminded us, beautiful design can show up in the oddest pla ces.

A thermostat or a smoke detector.

Where are we going to see design have an impact in the next year or two?

Nest is one of the very first products come a technological products, coming into our homes.

There have been many before nest, they were not designed to be something that you would be proud to step on your wall.

Let nest -- what nest did is bring a sense of interaction and ease-of-use and a beautiful product.

We will see all of these categories, services and products, i call them on left categories -- i call them unloved categories.


You would never have thought of a thermostat to be exciting.

Taxis, people do not really -- it is not a loved category until uber redesigned it.

Another area i have been focusing on is keys.

How people get into their homes.

I only hear one thing, i hate keys.

That is what they tell us.

I have been working, started a new company called august, a smart lock that allows you in and out of your house without touching anything.

It senses your presence by sensing your phone.

The way you can get into a car without having to insert a key into the lock, you have a fob in your pocket.


In this case, it is magical.

If you want other people to enter your home, if you have friends that had just arrived in town or if you want an ongoing relationship with a cleaning person or a home service to come in at certain times of the day, you sadly send them a virtual key via text or e-mail.

Is there a natural limit to the internet of things?

I think this guy is the limit.

We are at the very beginning.

Three years ago, jawbone launched the upband.

We are very much in the infancy.

Those products do great things, they help manage health, they help their homes.

All of those products are going to become integrated.

Yves, sorry to cut you off.

Yves behar.


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