Taxes, Education are Tech Headwinds in EU: Redmer

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- Jens Redmer, EMEA Director of Business Development at Google, discusses headwinds to Europe’s digital future relative to Silicon Valley. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I think berlin has really developed into one of the hubs in europe if not one of "the" hubs.

It is trying to keep up with the silicon valley.

We've seen a lot of startups created.

Some buy--outs.

It is exciting for us to be here and look at the scene.

We have not seen a big buyout.

Why not?

There are probably a number of reasons for european startups not to be as bifgg.

I think europe needs a lot of more substance to the start up seeing.

It starts with simple things such as education.

If you look at the way kids are taught at school, they probably no more than their teachers.

You need to start thinking about teaching the teachers about the digital ecosystem.

This -- you mean taxes are too high.

Taxes are too high, and it is too difficult for companies to start a company.

It is too difficult in europe to hire and let go of people.

You talk about visa quuest estions and letting go of employees with situations are changing.

New companies need to be able to fire employees more quickly?

You need to be able, as a company, you need to be able to found a company quickly and hire great talent from different nations such as you do in the staeteasxs, -- and you need to adapt your business operation.

How far behind you think berlin is from the london?

I do not think it is a question of being behind.

It's great to see that we have companies in europe that we have a great start scene.

And i think it is really sad to say -- great to say berlin has done a great job to gain the recognition of venture capital companies.

We've seen a number of venture capital companies from all over the place join the start up scene, opening offices here.

Those are great signals.

Last night we heard criticism/complains that the first round of money can come from german funders, but the second and third round usually does not come from german vc's. why is that?

Another reason to grow the ecosystem in your, not only in germany -- but in europe.

We need to make sure there is a counterbalance.

There is not only tel aviv and silicon valley.

We need europe to be strong.

So new products, google.

What can you tell us?

What she we be expecting from google?

I am not responsible for all the products but what i can say is we are investing in a lot of different areas.

The mobile space is increasingly valuable.

That is no secret.

A lot of these things are growing together.

If you think our products at google now, where you can get suggestions while you go somewhere.

The search that is performed before you think about a search.

A very useful service that give yous information in the moment when you need it.

There is a big trend in wearable devices.

We just announced the android wearables.

We invite the developing scene to start working with us and our platform to join us in creating more technology that improves the human machine interaction.

When you go back to california, are you allowed access into the x lab?

For some of the projects, yes, i am, but there are some projects that are worked on and to be announced them.

Did you confirm the existence of an x lab?

We have a google x department.

That is not a secret.

There are a number of projects that are not announced yet.

We look forward to more projects being announced.

What's security like getting into the x lab?

It is just like any other company.


A light becomes green or red.

But not everyone's badges work for google x. i cannot say any operational details of our security measures, -- you can tell me how to break in to google x. i am happy to have coffee with you afterwards a give you details.

What is the most exciting thing you have seen at this conference in berlin?

So far, repairing for some things.

I had a couple of great talks yesterday, seen an interesting start up in the medical space.

That is something where old economies can gain a lot of additional input from digital technology.

If you are able to perform medical examinations over rthe internet, that is great because that can get more efficient and it is great for patients because they can't, they do not have to schedule an appointment.

They can send in -- it does not work for every kind of medical difficulty.

I found it interesting.

And it proves that the internet is now in every single industry.

It is not only the high-tech industry.

It can come to old industries, to virtually every single subset you can imagine.

I imagine your goal is to have google be part of the new industry and those new growth models.

We are a commercial company so we do enjoy growth.

So yes, we are looking into new areas.

But we are here to talk to people and to understand what the ecosystem is like and hopefully inspire some of the people.

Inspiring thoughts.

No keys to inside the google secret of x lab.

We will have to have a plan bo for our mission.

Francine, guy?

He promised you a coffee.

To get to the bottom of that story.

In berlin with the latest.

We have further breaking news from the missing relation airplane.

The tweets are coming out at the moment.

The roaylyal australian air force,

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