TaskRabbit Hops to London to Lend a Helping Hand

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Stacy Brown-Philpot, COO at TaskRabbit, discusses the company’s planned launch in London as it expands its services outside of the United States and explains their business plan and some of the duties they take on for customers. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Seeing the life that we lead, i will be one of the first customers in london.

Is it more difficult to find people who are willing to be tasker's in the u.k. then in the u.s.? we have been pretty successful here.

We will be launching in london by the end of this year.

We already have 50 tasker's on board and ready to go.

London feels like new york.

It is an international city.

Can you expand this beyond london?

London is our highest demand international market.

We get thousands and thousands of requests for people who want to task rabbit in their city.

London and then we see ourselves going to the rest of the u.k. and in paris, sydney, toronto, and all over the world.

I'm surprised by that.

In paris, people take a little bit more time.

They work long hours, but the take more time for lunch.

If i thought i didn't have time to pick up my dry cleaning, people would probably throw stones at me.

How do you choose where you want to be?

We choose based on demand.

A lot of people from london, paris, and all of the u.k. who want task rabbit in their cities.

We look at how busy people are.

There are millions of busy, busy professionals.

Those are the two big criteria that we use.

Another criteria we use is the demographic.

A lot of the customers are busy, women like you, who have lives, spouses, children ash they just don't have enough hours in the day.

We have done extensive research and found that three out of four londoners wish they had more time in the day.

25% of the people feel like their personal relationships would be better if someone else did their chores.

European employment law is different than u.s. employment law.

What are the differences and how do you work with that?

Is it tougher to do things in europe than the united states?

Very similar to the u.s., all of the tasker's are independent contractors.

Their local entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors who come to task rabbit primarily because they are looking to earn the majority of their income.

They may work in a seasonal business, they are actors, directors.

We have an oncologist who is looking to earn money off- season.

We go through a three-step vetting process.

The first up is id verification, then a fraud and terrorism list check, and then an in person interview.

That is something we do in the u.s. as well.

It make sure we have highly qualified, vetted professionals who have the skills that we need to get the things done.

Regulation is soft around the edges.

Insurance is a problem.

Is it something that you are still trying to get your head around?

How regulation is going to affect your business -- you are essentially a disruptor.

We haven't seen regulation affect our business really.

The contracting and freelance industry is very common and well-known.

Our platform allows anyone who is legally able to work to use it in order to find jobs and find employment.

When we bring clients along who want to get stuff done, you can come to us knowing that you have trusted people who have been verified and are legally able to work.

The business has changed over the last few years.

Back in july, you look like you are pivoting the business much more toward an enterprise culture.

Is that where you see the highest margin and the business ultimately going?

More enterprise rather than retail?

We see demand from consumers and businesses.

A large part of our customer base remains consumer driven.

Individuals who want to get things done.

We also see a significant amount of growth which is why you have may saying -- seen things about task rabbit's in july.

Entrepreneurs are combining their lives and they are using task rabbit's for personal reasons and saying, instead of just cleaning my home, why don't you come clean my office?

The my find at that office cleaner is also an office administrator at another company and then they hire that person as an office administrator for them.

What is the quirkiest thing?

I want to gelato.

That is easy, right?

This guy asked his coworker's office to be cellophane taped.

I have had some really fun things.

I just got back from vocation -- vacation in croatia and i hired a task rabbit to plan my vacation.

Someone hired a task rabbit to scuba dive down into the lake and fish their keys out.

I john keese at the bottom of a swimming pool.

A lake is a whole different.

I'm still nervous about the cellophane thing.

She has been talking about all morning.

It may be fun though for april fools' day.

The ceo of task rabbit.

Thank you so much.

Let's get you up to date on what is happening on the corporate front.

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Amazon's prices are 3% lower than their closest competitor, walmart.

It accounts for 40% of retailer -- black friday does.

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