Target Is the Madonna of Retail… Uncool: Ellwood

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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Ellwood, author of “Bargain Fever,” examines the impact weather and technology are having on modern day retail, the struggles of Target and who he sees as representing “cool” in retail. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Has anything changed with the consumer in the last six months?

Everyone suffered a tough winter.

Retail uses the weather as the dog ate my homework excuse.

In this case, they are sort of a loud.

If you set -- sort of allowed.

If you stepped outside, it was a legitimate excuse this winter.

Retailers should have planned ahead.

I am cutting them some slack at the moment.

Winter was one problem.

The other seems to be that with technology, things are changing so fast, consumers have more information, they are getting pickier, retailers have to respond.

All of that stuff, we talk to the former ceo of atari and chuck e cheese and i want to play one thing he said about i.t. and how plays in retail.

When you deal with goods, you have too much of something for too little -- too much of something or too little.

That is why the i.t. side is important.

There are probably 50 different trends going on in the united states right now.

There is no way you could manage that without data mining.

Is having better technology going to give retailers that edge?

It is important.

I talk about how discounts have more than doubled in just 10 years.

The reason they have is because there's too much stuff.

Retailers are not managing their inventory well.

It is just loading up on stuff.

Isn't that why the retailers exist?

They know their customer.

If you don't know how to do that, shouldn't you be fired?

I think a lot of retailers, there's a magic formula for retail.

Manage inventory well, have a ceo who loves shops.

Target has had its own issues, but there is also this crisis of confidence within the company itself.

Gawker has been on this story, as have we.

We got an e-mail from a target employee, who wrote this whole rant about how the company is faltering.

He said -- when i started, they were excited about by online, pickup in-store, as if that was a new invention.

How many other stores have that and do it better than target?

He also said regular customers don't know about it because they hate target's website.

It shows how behind the times they are.

Doing it well is crucial.

It is not a separate business.

I think of target as the madonna of retailing.

It is not that: the more.

Madonna is not that cool anymore?

We love madonna, but she does not occur finger on the zeitgeist anymore.

She is a little behind it and target feels a little uncool.

Gap has a man who loves shopping in charge.

Very clever.

Crucial formula.

Gap is closing stores, stopping the oversupply.

It just brought in the magic woman behind the collection of style.

She will be running all of the design studios.

I think gap, in five years time, will be taking management classes and how well the comeback is.

I will be watching.

I have not stopped into a gap in a wild because nothing appeals to me.

Maybe i need to.

We will be back in two minutes ?

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