Target Exploring Slow Response to Hackers

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Target plans to tell lawmakers it had clues about the attack weeks before responding and is exploring why it took so long to react. Bloomberg’s Yang Yang reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

John mulligan, the target cfo, plans to admit to lawmakers that yes, target has clues about the attack weeks before responding and is now trying to figure out why it took them so long to react.

They are now asking hard questions, he will say we are focused on the information we had that could have alerted us to the breach, whether we have the right personnel in the right positions.

Ensuring that decisions were sound.

He will testify before the senate commerce committee alongside a visa executive and chairwoman of the ftc.

The hearing comes after the committee released an analysis last night, that comes from a cyber tool that describes computer incursion, describing how many times target last opportunities to stop the attackers.

There were plenty.

We have to do a victory lap at bloomberg businessweek.

We got quite a few shout outs.

Working with a team of reporters to uncover how the hackers got in and all the ways target went wrong.

The hearings have come about thanks to the expose.

Lawmakers have introduced things to address breaches, there has been a lack of cooperation between the fbi and companies, a reluctance to share information.

Is that accurate?

I would say yes.

Earlier this year, jay rockefeller, chairman of this hearing, along with nine -- along with diane feinstein addressed this issue with a bill.

Allowing security standards and the bill would empower the ftc and state attorney general's to bring civil penalties against companies that fall short of the security requirement.

With target as a poster child,

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