Taking on Amazon in the Cloud

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Joyent Founder Jason Hoffman discusses the future of cloud computing with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

First and foremost, i want to know who you are competing with, pretty big companies, amazon and microsoft.

The biggest names in that sort of computing.

How are you doing this?

Our core joint is a system software company.

We work on device drivers, the underlying hardware.

We are effectively a highly vertically integrated software company.

Our main appeal to the market is our software.

The types of things we are scaling to go we do not buy outside storage, we do it ourselves.

We are one of the few companies in the world i can do that.

You do not want to get into a pricing war with either amazon or price war, correct?

Quick if they would like to, we can -- if they would like to, we can.

We build everything.

We clearly separate between customer workloads.

If you look at things like our mantis service.

That is a computing and data storage platform.

We currently operate that at the nano second.

-- nanosecond.

We have other products that work on hourly rates all the way up to multiyear contracts.

We look at what our customer workloads are, and taylor our services-- -- tailor our services and prices accordingly.

Quick if you're helping your customers to save money, how do you make your money?

We have a pretty traditional i.t. shop.

We have fundamentally, three pillars in our industry.

We store data, we compute the data, and we send and receive over a network.

We have slogans like "the network is the computer." it is where the computer and the network converge together, or word the network and data converge together.

The current trend that we are seeing, across big data, mobile, cloud, the big trend is the emergence of data and imputing where we were burst the way that everything is done.

We are designed like a big storage platform that you can run and compute on.

That allows us to reap internal economics in ways the other players are not doing.

I bet your customers appreciate the customized

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