Take the Worry Out of Same-Day Mobile Hotel Booking

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) –- Hoteltonight CEO & Co-Founder Sam Shank discusses last-minute travel deals and how his company, Hoteltonight, helps with same-day mobile hotel booking. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I know you were expecting one of your biggest day ever on new year's day.

That happened?

It by far exceeded our expectations.

Only three people but more than we actually did trick like she would like inc.

-- you might think people -- people get in and they say we always have great rates and prices, guaranteed low, and they get comfortable with using hotel tonight and then they can use it when they needed at the last minute.

Have you guys ever thought about somehow helping potential users know what is going to be available?

For those who are too scared to wait until the last minute?

I found myself in a situation where i really wanted to use you but i couldn't not plan ahead.

That's absolutely one of the big efforts on our marketing for the year, to understand is not a risk of using hotel tonight.

We always have rooms and great inventory.

We had deals and rooms at the super bowl in new orleans.

They sold out quickly but we had rims and.

Fax can you guarantee that you will always have room?

We always have rooms at the start of the day.

Most days and we have rooms all day long.

Some days like the super bowl, you had to be there early.

On new year's day, we had rims at great prices.

But you will never move beyond the same day?

We are hotel tonight.

We see a huge market in it and it's what we do best.

It means a simple user experience and we want to stay focused on that.

There is a big storm routing on the east coast.

I understand you are preparing for business because of this.

We are helping people out either trapped in the storm or they don't want to commute.

We see some of the best prices.

January in general has some of the best prices year after year as we have done this.

Tonight's no exception.

In new york, we see some of the lowest prices on great hotels we've ever seen.

There is a huge controversy right now around uber and surge rising during high demand times like a storm or new year's eve.

How does that work with hotels?

With uber, it can lead to a rise of seven to 10 times the usual amount.

The differences we are a pass through marketplace.

The hotel sets the pricing and we give them a lot of guidance as to how they should price it but they are responsible ultimately.

If they price them too high, we will show them on the app.

Hotels are competing against each other.

There might be 100 hotels in new york driving -- trying for 15 prices.

What do you think about the price surge approach to excess inventory?

It makes a lot of sense from an economic standpoint.

People are not necessarily comfortable paying seven or eight times as much for a ride from point a to point the, even if it makes economic sense.

There used to it for airlines or other categories of phonics, but not taxis.

Do you think uber is at risk of losing customers or trust?

I think they have to balance the need for always having cabs available and that on-demand benefit of needing a cap now with a long-term consequences of pricing that is too high and moving too quickly and that direction.

What is next for you guys in 2014? where is this going?

Are you trying to take on trip advisor or expedia?

We are focused on taking on the big online travel agents.

We are the dominant brand in best service for booking the same day hotels.

We are adding more and more cities.

We are going to add tons more cities and make hotel tonight ubiquitous.

I know a lot of people who swear by it.

Thank you so much for joining us.

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