Taco Bell’s New Approach to Fast-Casual Dining

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Vanessa Wong examines Taco Bell’s new upscale approach to tacos. She speaks with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


We thought we could present an unique concept.

I am hungry.

Vanessa wong is the associated editor for "bloomberg businessweek." did you try the tacos?

I did, and they are absolutely not what you would expect to come from the same kitchens as taco bell, so they are -- that is a good thing?

I would say it is a good thing.

They basically scooped out all the normal fixings in the taco -- the ground beef and cheese -- and replace them with american food.

American food inside a taco.

They are putting hawaiian mahi-mahi in there, pulled pork, buffalo wings.

Very edgy not only in the food but the space and the way they designed it and decorated it.

So why do they want to get into the casual area?

Is the fastest-growing part of the restaurant industry at the moment, which has suffered as consumers kind of watch their spending more carefully.

So fast casual basically is the spot between traditional quick service -- fast, cheap -- and a sitdown casual restaurant.

So it is higher-quality food than the traditional but with lower prices and no weight service as you would see in a sitdown restaurant.

And you mentioned others like kfc, doing the same thing.

What about expanding the u.s. taco brantford taco bell?

There is no timetable right now for expansion.

They are scouting locations for a second restaurant, and i think the first location opens next monday so they are trying to get their footing before they expand any further.

But yum!

Brands is experimenting with other fast casual concepts.


Brands ceo david novak has said they will experiment with

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