Taco Bell Introduces New Breakfast Foods

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” J2Z Advisory President Jay Pelosky, Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


As i mentioned earlier, the saga does continue.

Men's wearhouse raising their offer by 10%. it is $63.50 per share, and that will change if joseph a banks dropped its talks to buy eddie bauer.

There was a statement that came out a while ago that said they would consider it.

But as we talked about before, there is a lot of acrimony between these two companies, so even though strategically some investors think it still makes sense for them to team up, it will be interesting if they finally do get together sort of execution wise.

How do you overcome the sort of angry battle?

And i talked about this before.

How much of the market really is there in this menswear space now, especially when it comes to sort of the traditional, people becoming more casual.

You kind of wonder how much will be taken out of the marketplace.

You know what?

When the ceo of men's wearhouse goes to a party and his friends are, like, dude, come on, it is embarrassing.

It is ridiculous.

Companies are going back and forth for each other.

They clearly hate each other.

I wonder how much of it is in shareholder interest, and, by the way, i do not wonder, because i do not think any of it is.

It is about ego.

There is a 10% stake in men's wearhouse and a smaller stake in men's wearhouse.


You look at the banks.

They are consolidating.

You look at strip malls.

We overbilled in the last decade.

Kind of like julie saying, how do these people work together?

Maybe they do not work together.

Maybe there is so much consolidation that some of these stores are going to close.


How much capacity is there?

You will have to ask neil black why he is eating the poison pill of eddie bauer.

Julie, it is a technique that i use, called exaggeration to make a point.

I realized you did that.

Why all of this drama?

Why not just agreed to do it?

And the broadband networks.

Terms of a possible deal.

Netflix would join companies like facebook and others who are paying for the access, and we also learned that at&t says it is still in talks with networks about network connection, and this is very interesting, because on the one hand, you have the broadband connection, and on the other hand, at&t keeps saying in another two years, it is going to be a game changer.

You're going to be able to watch all of that stream easily and hopefully cheaply for customers.

At&t says it is in talks also with netflix, but how is it going to be cheaper if, and here is the concern, if the cost gets passed on to you?

Then it does not end up being cheaper, and there are a lot of questions about what this means for net neutrality, if everyone has access to the same speed regardless of what you are paying or what out let you get it through.

They have sort of set themselves against that.

Basically, it is an issue, especially during prime time, because you log on to netflix, and you want to watch video, and the feed keeps getting interrupted.

By the way, that is because of net neutrality, just fyi, sort of a first-served kind of thing.

So if people are streaming other videos, say not netflix, but you are trying to watch "house of cards," and they got there first, they get the priority.

Saying, we give you some extra, so you blocked off part of the bandwidth for just us, people who want to watch "house of cards" without that spinner in the middle, which everyone hates.

Unless they are willing to pay, right?

Or -- or -- maybe people can say i can walk around with my wireless device and use my at&t plan?

He had movie night in my house in lower manhattan, and we saw way more whirly gig then movie.

What were you watching?

We were watching "king of the hill." yes, and i want verizon to do this, because i keep getting the whirly gig when i watch "house of cards." there is a guy known as"perk," because his name is perkins, and he was accused of insider trading.

So far, not that unusual, but the fec sued him and his ex girlfriend, with whom he had a child -- baby mama is what we call that.

He was also doing some trading on behalf of his 80-year-old retired father, and he was supposedly an expert on mining and was asked to participate in a call on what was a titanium metals situation, and so he knew about the acquisition and ended up nine a bunch of shares.

That is what makes it unusual.

Should have known better.


There is nothing unbelievable about it.

These ties do this all of the time.

Allegedly, he is a scumbag, and you would expect them to perform that way.

Why do these investors always think they are going to get away with insider trading?

Well, he is not really an investor.

He is a banker.

My sister-in-law or my baby mama, and i am going to get away with it.

It happened before.

You think back to 2002, there was kbw, and he had the star mistress, maryland star --marilyn star, and he was passing her tips, and sure enough, both of them got busted.


We have one of james mcdermott.

Not the most trustworthy people in the whole world.

By the way, that was the guy who was running kbw.

And marilyn star.

And the ceo of the tokyo bitcoin exchange, he is probably not passing on insider trading tips to his star girlfriend, but he is not on the foundation board anymore.

The foundation board is sort of like the fairy godmother of all bitcoin.

It literally controls everything, but it kind of makes suggestions, and then the democratic network chooses which way to go.

It is kind of like an on the level and -- an omni benevolent group.

There is mt.


What are the problems?

What they are too slow in terms of withdrawals and getting money in there, too slow with executing trades.

It was at one point the biggest one but has not been for a long time, and the problem is, and i do not know anything about software, but apparently this guy is not good at writing code, and these guys a spot that instantly and then immediately do not like you if you are not good at writing code, so he has got a real problem at mt.


There are people all over twitter saying, don't you hate bitcoin now?


because nobody is using mt.

Gox for the bitcoin trade.

What is the volume or liquidity that is locked up in mt.

Gox that people cannot get out?

That is a good question.

There is no way to know.

You can see how much was traded through mt.

Gox, and something like 20% of all of the liquidity was going through them.

As the go more and more into a mobile payment world, is there really going to be a place for something like it going?

Is there really going to be, or is there really going to be a place for not?

Can't there be a competitor that does that and does that in a way, like paypal and where?

Maybe as we see more and more, you will see those charges go down.

Well, there are no charges if you use bitcoin.

Except that i can lose 30% of my bitcoin overnight.

That is a charge.

It is only five years old.

Give it a little time to work out some of the kinks.

Taco bell is introducing breakfast.

Forget about bitcoin, this is coming to you on march 27 and expands on a trial basis that again in 2012. they are trying to take on mcdonald's. and twitter is exploding over what some have called the abomination that is a wall full talk though.

Because it is not good or not good for you?


Do for and companies make food as unhealthy as american companies do?

You know it.

Although, i have got to tell you, i was in italy recently, and i had fried except.


I want some.

I am sure if it is italian, it is good for you.

You are definitely going to be eating that wall.

Go, won't you?

I will try anything with bacon.

When you start putting sandwiches in between fried chicken patties, and it is not really a food anymore, just a way to get 4000 calories in a meal, i cannot do that.

Would you eat it?

You draw the line somewhere, right?

Me and my chin.

Thank you.

Coming up, everyone, one of the most notorious drug kingpins is

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