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Aug. 4 -- Taboola CEO Adam Singolda discusses the company's online content services with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Executive adam.

Did i describe what your company does correctly?

Collectives we started the company -- we started the company seven years ago.

We started with video, it took us 4.5 years to build a great technology to predict what a video people may like better than anything else.

Spent the last two point five years recommending articles and galleries from around the web.

Today we are excited to announce that we have acquired a company called perfect market to launch a -- in a situation of recommended products and services.

Products and services for what you have already done with news and videos?

We worked with some of the most innovative publishers on the web to take existing real estate to products around the red and generate an incremental profit around that.

We have married our technology and credited unified products.

Publishers, for the first time, can use us to recommend more content and recommend products and services people may like outside of the article.

By that drives what we hope is a full-page monetization.

The offering the best information from around the web from the top to the bottom.

Collective someone was interested in a particular kind of hobby, maybe fishing, and they are reading articles about fishing.

This would logically serve up a variety of products and services for people that are interested in catching fish.

Flecks especially as the world is transitioning into a world where we are looking for those engaging experiences that are tailored and personalized to us, think about the opportunity publishers would now have to give them at the bottom of the -- would now have.

We can recommend them to comparison sites.

A different information they get more education --different information.

They can get more education.

If this was described as native advertising -- is this the ultimate of native advertising?

It is generating revenue from the same organic products you serve to consumers without making any revenue area that the search is a native product.

And sometimes you could be searching.

-- is at sometimes he could be searching without revenue.

I think the products has a no revenue version and a revenue version.

The same core value is a native opportunity for publishers.

And native advertising is content and it can be genuine content.

It is just that it is served up based on whatever you did before on the internet or personal preferences.

And now even further.

We have a unique position in the market.

Most companies serve you ads.

About one in a thousand people click on an ad.

We get a lot of signals and engaging from consumers.

We learn a lot more and a lot better about what you may like in different stages.

And then we offer you a product that we think would be the right

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