T. Boone Pickens: Tesla Way Better Than Foreign Oil

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Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- BP Capital Chairman and CEO T. Boone Pickens gives his take on Tesla Motors. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

With me.

I have been that on my plan.

The enemy is oil.

When you're buying opec oil, some part of the money paid is getting back in the hands of the taliban.

As long as you're using oil, you're running that risk?

Quite sure you are.

If we had an energy plan, we'll have to be in the persian gulf.

17 billion barrels of oil a day that comes, only 10% comes here.

Why are we the one that protects the cartel coming out of the persian gulf?

The fleet is there.

We get people killed in iraq and afghanistan, all of it related to the persian gulf.

We could pull those people out of there.

Something that had not been looked at is in 1973, we had an air of embargo.

-- an arab embargo.

They're good to show us what they can do.

We put in a bill that had oil in the ground in mississippi and louisiana, -- sbr.

The most we have ever drawn out is two times, 20 million barrels.

Now, our production has gone from 5 million barrels to 9 million barrels.

We do not need 700 million barrels in storage.

Get it out.

Not all of it.

Leave -- will that do?

You do not want to -- it would probably take 10 years to get 400 million out.

You could cut off opec and come out of their, convert your truck fleet to natural gas, and what you have?

Energy independence.

And independence from the middle east.


You get out of there.

Cut your military commitment to the area.

You don't have more people killed over there.

What you have about the argument about the power of

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