Swimming in Style: The $250 Bathing Suit

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Vilebrequin's Brian Lange discusses the company's premium men's swimwear with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

What about the actual patterns and how the swimwear is made.

The swimwear is made from proprietary fabric and patterns.

Using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

It is long-lasting.

There are two collections each year of new prints and patterns.

They are based on stuff that we have seen, that their ease from collection to collection.

Does anything have to do with turtles question mark it always has to do with turtles.

That is the mascot of the brand.

This year we have two collections.

The first one based in miami.

And the newest collection, around the world in 80 days.

What is the plant efficient foundation.

It is a group that was started i the grandson of the famed ocean explorer to save the waterways and aqua systems of the world.

I wonder if you can describe what takes a utility piece of clothing like a bathing suit, what turns up in like that into a special piece, luxury higher-margin piece of clothing?

I think because it provides a combination of performance and design.

It really is high-quality, it is long-lasting, quick drying.

It fits well.

It is comfortable.

It is fun.

It is for your time off him outside of work enjoying the family and friends.

The combination of quality and pattern and color early works for people.

What about the extension of the line in the brand.

Are you looking to do more than just bathing suits question mark quite sure.

We have some that are truly popular.

In europe men wear linen shirts to the beach.

You will see more guys sporting the linen shirt.

It is the division of beach free apparel.


Is that essential to getting all of the scores -- stores and venues across the world am i having that corporate backing?


The strength of the company, and the financial security of the company, and the wherewithal that allows us to grow and expand the way that we are.

If we were to look in your closet, what is the pair of swim trunks it would seem any colors -- would see?

Any colors?

You would see a mixed.

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