Swift and Deadly Turmoil in Egypt

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Big Story," Stratfor's Reva Bhalla, The GeoStrat.com's Robert Hardy and Cato Institute's Doug Bandow discuss U.S. Reaction to the turmoil in Egypt with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is a big portion of pc demand.

Chinese employment is a big driver of pc consumption.

They have significant share in china.

They have significant distribution presence.

So they are tier one in china and everywhere else as well.

So china is doing well for them.

Here stateside in western europe, doing really well in the corporate business as well.

Is it because the margins are so slim?

They are willing to make almost no money in the business?

To go on a relative basis margins are lower.

That is a fair point of comparison.

The products are also better.

How many times have people been excited about a dell or h-p pc?

On a relative basis, cool, sweet products and in touch with what the customers oneswant.

A shrinking customer, but what the customer wants.

I would imagine they benefit from apple not being able to crack the china mobile business.

They are really killing it there in terms of mobile phones and china smart phones.

To a great degree it is a maturing business.

One of the things he is noticing is the high-and doing really well, driven by apple and samsung, but the low end is doing well driven by pricing and a good enough product at a great price.

They are strong brand presence in china and capitalizing on the brand presence.

To go on the pc business, i want to turn to dell.

-- on the pc business come i want to turn to del.

When you look at the press release, what is the one thing you may look at that will tell us about what is going on?

-- want to turn to dell.

Carl icahn says things are getting better and michael dell says things are getting worse.

The whole thing might hinge on today's results.

You want to see points that augment either person strategy.

Is the business really getting better?

In which case you want to see stability in server numbers and ec members instability in the services margin.

So you want to see that, if in fact the business is getting better.

On the other hand, they demonstrate continued share loss on the pc side and the commodity server business is hurting for them, then it weakens michael dell's pieces that you want to pick the business toward servers and storage and services.

It says that business is getting better after pc business that is already broken.

You want to see which strategy works.

Yes, and we will very soon.

Thank you very much.

It might serve as a model for the struggling u.s. computer maker.

Dell reported later this afternoon, a week earlier than expected.

This as the battle to pick of the company.

Earlier today sara eisen and scarlet fu spoke with robert mcnamee about the future of dell.

The way i look at dell today, i think they are a middling player in a dying industry and i think they his -- have historically been the exception -- exceptionable at distribution.

I think they have to rebuild what the company will do going forward.

The question is, to the public shareholders have an appetite for that?

Personally, i do not see what silver lake and michael c. and the company, but then again, i am a group investor.

Maybe this is a financial engineering play.

To me, the pc industry is done.

Unless an adult can reinvent himself as something else, i do not think the outlook is very bright.

Where is the value in dell?

I think michael dell is an exceptional human being.

I have known him for a long time.

I was a co-founder and silver lake and an exceptionally talented team as well.

To be honest with you, if the value is not an initial engineering, i do not see the value in the core business itself.

This is the business i would run away from, rather than running into.

What is the future?

Can this company adapt?

It beats me because dell has never been a net technology innovator.

The component comes from lots of suppliers.

You could shipley -- ship a new product by putting a faster processor and the exact same product you worshiping before and you have a new product.

The game does not work anymore.

They are not the factor in any one of those.

I do not see them a prospect for becoming one.

That is not to say they cannot be.

If microsoft were to focus on skype make hand-held on those operating systems, then they would have a really good shot.

Barring that, i just do not see it.

Lenovo growing sales.

It makes sense.

It is a highly fragmented industry.

The market is consolidating in the market of players.

They have stuck with an expensive brand and a cost structure that is not competitive.

So it is not surprising at all.

Someone has to win.

That is not dull or h-p. -- dell or hp.

You can get the full interview on your phone, a tablet or bloomberg.com.

Ashton kutcher will bring steve jobs to like starting friday.

We have the ceo of open roads film coming up onb bloomberg "west." ? welcome back to bloomberg "west." bloomberg news has just learned facebook is testing a system to

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