Susquehanna's Price Target for Google Is $1,100

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Susquehanna Financial Group Senor Analyst Brian Nowak discusses his outlook for Google on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Where it can go from here because i want to bring in brian millwall, senior analyst at a financial group.

Like most analysts he has a buy rating.

Your price target is 1110 for google shares.

The gain today is huge for the stock.

Why is this optimism built into google?

It is a big move.

I think google is showing how they are taking advantage of online advertising dollars and advertising dollars moving to mobile.

This company is best positioned with all of the online advertising companies taking advantage of the mobile transition.

One of the things we saw is the actual cost per click and down at the volumes went -- the points made up for that.

Do they have to push those retire at some point?

It is a good question.

It is more of an output than an input.

Cost per click can be pressured sometimes where clock's -- where costs per click are lower.

You can make a case where volumes are stronger just because you have more people clicking.

It is a good sign of health and the business.

They can be week and they may continue to be down for the next few quarters because mobile is growing in the mix, but it is not a sign of pricing weakness.

I am curious of where we are in the mobile cycle.

Ugo is the giant search on desktop.

-- google is the giant search and desktop.

How much growth is there?

Only 25% to 30% of their business comes through mobile.

That comes from midteens last year.

Where will that number go?

I think we will go to 50% 60%. as people continue to use more tablets, the more mobile is going to be fast-growing.

Thank you so much for coming

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