Survivor: The Strength of Martha Stewart’s Brand

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle discusses her interview with Martha Stewart. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Martha stewart.

Recently martha has been in the news about her battle with jcpenney.

Many people's faces one of the reasons for stock is gotten hit this year.

We talk about what this litigation means to her.

She never talks about being a woman.

She is not big on the glass ceiling thing.

I heard a quote where she said, i thought martha was my friend.

I thought, how unfair.

Can you imagine a businessman speaking about it another businessman and saying, i thought we were buddies?

I asked her what she thought about that.

At that she was my friend, too.

I think people realize that this unusual thing for a businessman to say.

We had a difference of opinion about a contract.

It is all there in the contract.

It is interesting.

That is what she has to say.

When you think about her business, she has an empire.

This woman started as a stock broker.

She was a cater.

She went on to become a billionaire.

She went to prison.

If i had to describe her in one word, it would be survivor.

That is what struck out to me.

I said, what is it that tries you.

What inspires you.

I want my customers approval.

I want to be where my customer needs and wants me.

I want to be liked by my customer.

If a customer starts to dislike your product, something you were writing, your magazine, your television show, forget it.

Your name is on everything you do.

You have a lot more skin in the game than everyone around you.

You have an example of a war story where you fought to say no?

Oh, yeah.

It happens each and every day.

Hopefully it's not a war, but one question i ask a lot is, do you want this?

To the designer.

Do you really want this?

Do you want this teacup that you cannot put your finger in the handle?

Why would you make a cup like this?

Do you really want this sheet on your bed?

If the answer is, i do not know or know, i try very hard not to make that sheet.

When i hear the stories, i think of 2017. you are signed on until 2017. what happens january 1? hopefully i how the new contract with my own company.

-- will have a new contract with my own company.

As a major controlling shareholder, i probably will.

She turned 72 into the new 42. a look at the empire she sits on top of.

You can tell she is a perfectionist.

This is why they have had so many ceos running that company.

As i said.

One year ago, i interviewed another iconic woman at the top of her field.

Look at them.

The same thing resonated.

They have this survival quality.

It is my belief, no matter what field either of them went into, they were only going to end up on top.

These women were going to be winners.

The point made in the interview is that her name is on every thing.

I said, how can you really have your brand be on everything?

She makes a great point.

Ralph lauren does it and you know what a ralph lauren product is.

She wants things to be unaffordable.

Many of us look to a martha stewart living and we want what she says are good things.

The next generation woman cares about martha liking it.

The question is, how long can that last?

She is 72. in the age of social media, what do millennial's follow?

With all of these of loggers, they become makers.

She says she respects the editors at vote -- vogue.

Have a 24-year-old fashion bloggers?

She does not like that.

I would think they would just want to follow you.

They can follow me on twitter.


I don't have quite as many followers as martha.

Not yet.

Always a pleasure.

Stephanie ruhle.

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