Surprised Sebelius Did Not Resign: Dowd

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Matthew Dowd, Bloomberg News Political Analyst, discusses the ramifications Obamacare’s rocky rollout and who should take responsibility for the debacle. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That we have seen.

Kathleen sebelius was on cnn last night saying -- the wagons are circling.

In no way shape or form to the president have any clue that this would be a failure.

Not just a failure, but on the scale.

They should have seen this coming.

This is the signature of his administration.

It rests on this going well.

I have had conversations with a number of people in the administration.

I asked -- aren't you worried that people's opinions of obamacare are anchored, it will be difficult to get them onboard with us this.

The imitation of this is crucial.

They all agreed with that.

I am shocked that the administration was not better prepared for something like this, something so important, something they knew that in the first few weeks, people's views would get settled on it.

You asked about the press conference -- the speech that the president gave earlier this week.

I thought the president did not do that well.

I think he should have made -- i did not think he should have made it political, he should have stood up there and said we made mistakes, things went wrong, here is who is in charge and point to a person.

Here are the things that are going to do to fix it.

That is what i thought he should have done.

Speaking of who is in charge, do you believe sebelius when she says that the president had no idea of these problems?

This is his signature initiative.

Few things matter more to obama that the success of the affordable care act.

I think that is believable.

Here is why -- having worked in a white house, it is very hard for people to tell truth to power.

They want to say you look great today, what a lovely thai, you are awesome.

-- a lovely tie, you are awesome.

I am sure a decision was made that they do not want to tell him bad news.

That is very believable that he was unaware of this until it happened publicly.

Kathleen sibelius, valerie jarrett, they have a lot of work to do.

How are they going to get it done.

Who are they bringing in?

Peter talked about the health insurance ceo's. they talk about a tech surge.

If you can figure out who from silicon valley who is going to help, we would love to know.

They are bringing in veterans from silicon valley, adding contractors from cgi.

They are trying to scale these problems, get a sense through experts who have worked on problems of this scale what they are ailing with.

They are calling on the state exchanges -- the states have had some good success -- california, oregon, kentucky.

They are bringing in those people as well to help out.

Here is the big concern -- as we have look at demand, they have actually found more problems.

It is systemic.

There are other major issues right now.

In terms of a timeline and how quickly they can make a difference, it is anybody's guess.

Is somebody's head going to have to roll?

My a as high as kathleen sebelius?

Whoever is running health and human services, that is an important issue to any company operating in the health care business.

I am shocked somebody's head has not rolled.

If this had happened in any other situation, somebody would have said -- it is as if apple had a product launch that was needed to save the company and the product launch was a disaster.

And somebody said nobody is going to get fired.

Somebody should be asked to resign.

The only person you can do that with is kathleen sebelius.

I am surprised she did not tender her resigneti -- resignation.

It did not go well, i need to leave and you need to find someone who can do this better than me.

I am surprised someone has not been held accountable on this.

What are the republicans doing?

I am not paying attention to every single press release out of the gop, but i am surprised that outside of darrell issa, but he seems to be pouncing on this as you might expect.

They are letting issa lead the way on this.

Describing them as gleeful is probably an overstatement.

It is an opportunity to get up off the mat after a defeat on the debt ceiling.

They feel like this is their opportunity to start poking holes in the health care law that they have opposed from the beginning.

Kathleen sebelius -- i have not gotten any sense that she is leaving, despite matt points.

She will be given the full treatment on the hill.

They will be writing letters, asking for documents, subpoenas will come.

This is an issue they can seize on and use to underscore their major problems with the law.

Phil mattingly, washington

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