Gay Marriage Rulings: Breaking Down the 'Two Wins'

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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court gave a victory to the gay-rights movement, striking down a federal law that denies benefits to same-sex married couples and clearing the way for weddings to resume in California. Megan Hughes reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

These are not incredibly straight forward?

There are two winds, but they do get a bit murky.

The first one is on dahlman.

This is a big federal decision.

Essentially you have a window in new york who was married to a same-sex partner and about not having to pay estate taxes.

The court decided today that because she was married under -- if she was married under federal law she would that have had to have paid those taxes, they said that moving forward people married in states that recognize same-sex marriage will get federal benefits, this completely guts doma.

The second decision was on proposition 8, a law in california banning same-sex marriage.

They did not make a decision.

It means the lower court decision ruling stands.

Jerry brown has said that same- sex marriages will go forward.

County clerks should be ready.

So, again, two wins for california, the second one is murkier.

Exactly, because the supreme court did not really decide?

Because it was proponents of proposition 8 making the argument saying that there was no standing and that they would let the lower court decision stand.

They have gotten pretty involved.


A number of companies filed amicus briefs in this case for proposition 8, saying that they were against proposition 8, that they supported same-sex marriages.

There were 39 technology firms, 20% of the total number of companies filing briefs.

This is not a new thing.

We have seen this for a long time in the technology community.

Politico had a big spread, apple, ibm, some of the earliest adopters of elegy bt benefits.

Microsoft was my very first.

Leaders in the technology community have been buried outspoken about this.

Leaders that yahoo, ebay, sysco.

They have been very outspoken on this issue.

Some of it has been public support, some of it has been thousands, millions of dollars.

Google actually has a fun little search thing going on today i guess in celebration?

That have been quick in rolling this out.

In the google search line if you type in gay or gay marriage they

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