Supermodel Nemcova's Tsunami Survival Crusade

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June 18 (Bloomberg) –- Supermodel and Philanthropist Petra Nemcova and United Airlines Community Affairs Director Suzi Schelewitz discuss the Healthy Hearts Fund’s mission to build schools. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


It was nearly a decade ago.

It was a difficult and challenging time that you went through.

It was very challenging.

There was a lot of suffering.

I have learned great lessons.

One of them was that every area has something negative and positive.

There was lots of suffering.

But there was unconditional love stopped i never knew or saw that this would be here sitting together and celebrating this.

If you focus on the positive, if you focus on it, you will have more positivity.

You can empower yourself.

Fax when did you begin your organization?

We started in 2005. at the time, we went to one school.

Looking now, 85 schools into it, it has been amazing.

What are the schools?

They are in thailand, india, peru, chile.

We have a small organization in new jersey after hurricane sandy.

We are hoping to go to more countries after the typhoon in the philippines.

The goal is to educate these kids?

Many of them have lost their schools and loved ones.

They have lost their loved ones and we focus on is to let them know that there is a lack of sustained response.

Children are forgotten and waiting for safe schools.

Imagine you go through so much trauma and then you were hoping that your child will have a say school to go to.

There is still no help.

The help is never going to come stop we are sometimes their only hope.

How is it that united gulf of the?

When disaster hits, it impacts us.

It has an effect on our business.

It is important for us to some work first responders who are rebuilding communities.

Petra nemcova and happy hearts, our partnership is wonderful.

We have a shared mission.

We are restoring lives and communities.

Tell me about the teddy bears.

He is helping to rebuild schools.

You can get a bear or give it there.

You can go to united.

You can be part of the change.

We have a gala.

People will come through the gala.

If you cannot give us tomorrow night, you can help here.

They go online?

They do.

It is really easy to bring a smile to a child in need.

Go online and you can get a pair for yourself.

Our pilots and our flight attendants.

Everyone goes around the globe and they bring bears to kids.

They have lost everything and they are rebuilding.

It is only until july 31. there is a limited time to get a bear.

Congratulations on what you are doing.

Petra nemcova would be happy

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