Superman Cover Art Could Fetch $200K at Auction

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Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on investing in comic book art with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)


There has been discussions about possibly in the $200,000 range.

Maybe even more.

When you see the price tags that are put up tied to these options, it is a reminder that comic book art as a market is very much for the superrich in the same way that car collectibles or rare wines are.

Ways for the wealthy to diversify their holdings.

I would say there are a couple of factors that do drive prices.

One is the scarcity value compared to the fewer examples of this rare art.

The number two factor is, the power of superheroes.

It just keeps getting bigger thanks to many of these blockbuster franchises that remain in movie theaters around the globe.

Whether it is superman or batman or spiderman, there is huge pop-culture value.

That brings others into the market.

Maybe from around the world who might not have been interested in recollect holstein to this industry.

The old comic books that you have gathering dust in the basement or attic could be worth something.

They could.

But, do some price checking.

The comics themselves are the trouble spots compared to this rare comic book art.

It is a supply and demand thing.

There are some in a more comics better out there it in a market that is determined, i already have those comics.

That is the bigger challenge.

A lot of people did will dig out the old comic books elections and try to get top dollar for them only to find out that they are not is worth -- not worth as much as they thought.

Could it be a bad investment t? yes.

There are some well told stories in the industry about some of the art that does not have the same kind of value that superman or batman or spiderman might have.

There is one story of one investor who bought from the archie comic estate a lot of archie comic art in the hopes that they would be able to hold some of it and sell the rest come only to find out that the demand for that specific art tight archie was not a strong is what they had hoped for.

Batman and superman have more staying power when it comes to the specific market.

Jon erlichman and in los angeles.

It is the year of the horse.

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