Super-Selective Hiring Slows Job Market: Joerres

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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Joerres, CEO at Manpower Group, discusses the issues impacting job growth in the United States on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

None of talent?

In some ways it spans across all the industries and many states.

In the states and a destination states we are seeing that.

We are seeing a lack of synchronized recovery.

Some industry and business is going up and down.

There is a mismatch of jobs getting tougher and tougher.

It is not just a u.s. phenomenon, it's happening all over the world.

The new acceleration, there is a new new.

What does manpower see as we move into the second month of 2014? we are still seeing some hesitation.

It is a more optimistic hesitation.

The jobs report that came out last month is -- would you be looking at averages.

We are hearing from our clients at their not a desperation.

They are not too worried about the economy.

They are worried about a lot of the forces but they will continue to be extremely cautious on hiring and higher only the exact right person.

That is slowing the market down . we have had a lot of questions raised about global instability.

Do you expect to see hiring patterns shore up in the united states?

I don't you will have an effect.

Clearly, the trading partners we know the stats about.

We're still seeing some good demand in asia.

Our business in asia is performing well.

To pana starting to move up.

-- japan is starting to move up.

They don't want to get too far, particularly china.

This is one of these divorces that we are talking about the may not have a big effect.

That is 171,000. we'll have to see what the year revisions say.

This report will show us the yearly revisions that last year proved to be a little bit of a confusing statement for the market.


I want to go back to something you pointed out which is the uncertainty being the only certainty.

We are in a midterm election year.

There'll be a lot of gearing up for that.

I robie looking to 2016 in the presidential election.

Does political certainty make companies less certain for the future?

I don't want to be -- i like to be optimistic.

We have political uncertainty for a long time because we have such division.

If you look at healthcare, the debt ceiling, all these things are just creating a behavior in businesses that are saying i have to tune that out.

It is squelching down growth and creating an environment where you will not move in the long term.

You are in the trench on the minimum wage.

Your manpower people are above minimum wage, but what does it mean?

It will definitely make things more expensive.

We will see.

It will be a boost to us as a company.

We are more worried about part-time work.

You will see a lot of reductions in that space.

For the most part, logistic centers like amazon and ups will move the cost up.

Liam, will stay about the same.

Thank you so much for joining us.

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