Suntory: May Spend Up to $5B on Takeovers

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde reports on Suntory's proposal to buy two Glaxo drink brands. She speaks to Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

European business correspondent caroline hyde.

What did we know?

Fax we know these parts very well.

They are dominant here.

We could learn as soon as today.

A company that until recently did beverages.

Slightly shy of original estimates.

Deutsche bank thought they could have made up to 1.5 billion pounds.

Other companies have been eyeing them up.

They will also be analyzing the brand.

The to be executive from brussels ms.

Klein has been tried to upload -- from glaxosmithkline has been tried to upload the brand.

They have managed to make inroads ahead.

Talking of making inroads abroad.

Where does it lead?

They are trying to get more of their profits.

They are trying to double sales to y¢2 trillion by 2020 by expanding abroad.

They have 20% of the japanese nonalcoholic beverage market.

Only second to coca-cola.

They are starting to make the takeovers.

They wish to spend $5 billion will stop that is expanding in southeast asia and the middle east.

They have made their first move into europe.

We know that from the holidays.

Also to new zealand and australia with another interesting in -- energy drink.

They bought a company from new zealand.

They are ramping up and expanding abroad.

They want to get outside japan as well he -- as well as getting out of the domestic market.

Glaxo, in april they told us they had a number of brands that we are going to push into a particular unit.


They might be uploading.

, april, we are putting out all of the drugs under a new name.

It is called a global established product portfolio.

With much speculation, will they be selling of the older brands?

We didn't know they were looking to update.

They said they did not fit into the health care products or emerging markets business.

This shows the optimism that the glaxosmithkline has.

It is all about focusing on new research and development in the pipeline.

They hope it will rise three percent-four percent this year.

All of these new drugs.

They have to key assets.

They have recently been signed off by regulators in the u.s. will see if you get any

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