Suntory Beam Buy Puts Japanese Spin on U.S. Whiskey

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Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ian Bremmer, founder & president at Eurasia Group, looks at Suntory’s $16 billion deal for Jim Beam on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

$16 billion.

That is a 25% premium.

It will be the world's third largest spirit company.

That will be coming from japan.

It will help to open up the overseas expansion, even though there is not a lot of cost synergy for suntory.

I think that they will be much more consistent.


Is that the outcome?

There is no way they will that -- allow that level.

And analyst pointed out, the reason this yield to place now is a strong yen and low interest rate.

They had to pay a 25% premium.

There's not a lot of cost synergy.

I want the report on whiskey.

-- japanese whiskey.

You are not a japanese whiskey drinker?

I will be now.

They are sitting on a lot of cash.

They will feel good in 2014. they will pay higher wages.

They understand that the japanese market is not where they want put all that cash.

This is the key.

We could see more japanese companies do this cross-border m&a. they need to find more customers.

They are not going to china.

We have another company.

Wendy's. a huge jump in the free market.

Their outlook is on the high end.

I could make $.30 per share.

Comcast is up 3.5%. wendy's has been terrible.

They had a hard time staying relevant and remodeling.

They are investing this new blood and remodeling their stores.

25% of their stores this year.

This is a positive indication.

They were feeling tired.

When was the last time you ate at wendy's? i am looking at you.

This is the issue.

You are dealing with low margins.

The dollar menu drives a lot of sales.

You are also looking like -- at the trends to organic.

And the trend -- the pressure on minimum wage.

It will not pass, but it will squeeze them.

We're looking at a nine percent increase for the nation.

Regardless of what congress ends up doing.

What is the pricing power here?

When was the last time you were in wendy's? never.

It has been a while.

That may be why it is so dated.

If you had to choose between the fast food chains, where would you eat?


Why is that?

Three quarters of my staff has one scary day.

You know who is eating their everyday?

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