Success Comes From Unscripted Content: A&E's Dubuc

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April 30 (Bloomberg) -- A&E Networks CEO Nancy Dubuc discusses the entertainment industry on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

She oversees channels like a&e, history, and lifetime.

She produced record-breaking hits like uptight the and survival and turning it into a top 10 player in the cable industry.

I asked her what she is most worried about when looking at the skyrocketing cost for content.

Class is also skyrocketing costs to pay for production companies.

There is a real appetite for content in general in the market.

We have seen that with a lot of deals being cut.

We are not reliant on licensing more threats or licensing off net programming or movie package deals.

We believe we are content creative and that we are brand developers and that is what our business model is.

Our content creation and modeling in-house, we are launching a indie studios and it has its first fully commissioned series on my time that will be coming later in the year.

Class u.s. on in like you are almost saying there is a bubble in content right now.

It remains to be seen but we all look at the model in terms of reduction companies being bought.

I would venture to guess yes, there is a bubble there.

You are also paying a high mold all for companies who have series that are aging.

It is not a foregone conclusion that one hit show ages and you find another one where they are not that easy.

There is not an apple orchard we all go to to pick off when we needed.

It is complicated and it needs to be diversified to be sick that for long-term.

That is what we have done so well at a indie network.

We diversified our brand.

In terms of how we manage our channels and what audience the channels the superior we diversified what content that is and where.

We go through our e-commerce business and our traditional partnership business with cable operators and satellite providers.

Class has to dynasty been a benefit?

Yes there we are used to the numbers.

History channel had one of the germanic changes in cable history, going from a barely top 10 to a top three network and a number two network.

Its rise like nothing anyone has ever seen in the cable business.

We are used to the raw numbers and tough numbers and are never overly reliant on one show.

As that rocketship was taking off and we were seeing a year ago audience is being broadcast television, will we were not cheering in hallways as much as saying to ourselves, we should not become dependent on this show.

We love to have those shows and they are great catalyst is on many levels.

Health put the channel on the mat.

Class a and he has been on the map for quite some time -- amd has been on the map for quite some time.

A strong advertising business as well for us.

It is a flagship network.

History has surpassed it with its rise.

We are home to three of the top 10 networks for cable with respect to the demographics.

That is pretty significant.

The third-largest media portfolio, second only to turn her in terms of audience share.

You do not hear a lot about us because we are a private company, which i think allows us to operate more creatively because we are not changing our plans on a quarter basis.

We chart a course and stick to it.

We understand the creative process is not as -- is a long this -- it is a long-term business.

Class how do you know what men want to watch?

A good question.

I like to watch what men like to watch.

Maybe that is a taste issue.

You like.


-- like duck dynasty?

It is a very dual audience.

It is not male skewed at all.

Maybe even a little more female skewing.

It is very family oriented and families are watching it together.

We are not very reliant on focus group tests.

We develop shows from the ground up and work hard in the development process and we try not to demonstrate artist -- artificial exuberance.

We want to know the process is a process and if you make it all about transaction, you -- you lose the creative part.

We do not always win on the strategy.

A lot of people will make it all about the deal but we try to make it about the relationship first.

That has been a winning formula.

Class that was the ceo of a

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