Submerging Wind Technology for Renewable Energy

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Jan. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Timothy James Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer at Atlantis Resources, discusses his company’s planned IPO and how a tidal farm stacks against wind power technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Pretty confident?


Demand seems to be strong.

This would basically mean that you're one of the few industry players on the market.

What is your main concern?

When does the technology become usable and how much do these projects cost?

That's right.

At the end of the day, we are very much behold on the the same cost parameters that exist in a lot of renewables.

It will be driven by investment such as the atlantis investment that we have up in the north of scotland.

It is one of the fastest growing asset classes.

When would it become competitive compared to other renewables?

If you look at the closest comparisons, you look at offshore wind, we have a program investment team in our technology that would see it in the coming years, offshore wind and by 2020 with onshore wind.

What is the most valuable piece of technology that you have?

It is something that we don't often talk about, right?


Give us a sense over the complexity of it.

What we try to do is not be complacent.

We have take an lot of the developments to have wind industry and applied those overseas.

It is like putting a windmill underwater.

We take very much the same technology that has been developed in the wind industry and apply that under the sea.

It is survivability in many respects.

We want to make sure the turbines last 25 years under the water.

If you look at some of the weather we just had in the united kingdom over kris marks it demonstrates how robust these turbines are.

Atlantis specifically has one of the largest if not the largest portfolio of portfolios globally.

We have projects in the united kingdom.

In india.

We're developing in canada and we have aspirations to develop also in france.

How big can you become if i speak to you in five or six years, how much will you have grown?

We think very much that there are opportunities to start acquiring some projects.

We would like to think that atlantis would be a multihundred if not thousand megawatt installations.

When do you expect to be on the market?

Certainly within the coming months.

Dependent on finalizing the process.

We'll have to get you back on after that.

Tim cornelius of atlantis resources.

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