StumbleUpon Capitalizing on Mobile Migration: CEO

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- StumbleUpon CEO Mark Bartels discusses the company's business model and growth prospects with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Come from mobile apps.

I am joined now here with more.

Obviously, it has been around a long time.

It has gone through changes.


A new ceo.

What is it today?

The division is the same.

It is to help people discover and explore content on the web.

You have search and you have certain do have social -- social media.

There are companies out there that has done a great job recommending products.

We are seeing our users on desktop but we are seeing a migration to mobile.

You will make $40 million this year.


How do you make that money?

Through advertising revenue.

We had a lot of brands and publishers participating on the platform.

With fashion week, we have seen the bigger houses spared.

You did have a number of layoffs this year.

You cut costs.

Is this the kind of growth you can keep up without cutting those kinds of costs and regularly?

What are you projecting for next year?

We're projecting another strong year in 2014. at the beginning of the year, we decided to focus on product engineering and design.

That is what we wanted to focus on in 2014. mobile interaction on tvs and game councils.

The bet is paying off.

My thing has always been, it is a cool idea, but if you're going to stumble upon something, don't you want to stumble upon it rather than going there to stumble upon something?

That is the challenge and what people are trying to solve.

Humans are curious.

They do want to explore and discover, but what do you use?

Don't we all discover things now in our everyday use of things like twitter, instagram, like ? i am stumbling upon things they're all the time.


I think every platform has a purpose.

One of the problems we have today is we have tons of information.

We need a way to recommend that content throughout our space.

You want to lean back and be entertained.

Stumbleupon has come up with a smart way to recommend content no matter where you are.

What is next?

We are focusing on international.

We have just lost our -- we just launched our android app in all of the european languages.

We are going mobile first on the international.

We think that is where the future is.

We're watching our users migrate t o mobile.

It is a natural way for us to go.

Tank you so much for joining us today on "bloomberg west."

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