Strong Job Growth in U.S. Tech Sector

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Trinet Director of Corporate Development Jason Langhoff discusses job growth in the tech sector with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining us is director of corporate development at trident.

Obviously this is against conventional wisdom, but what is happening in new york come in georgia to make them so far ahead?

We provide bundling services for range of companies, over 8000 total.

Media as well.

They employ over 200,000 worksites employees.

As a result, we collect a tremendous amount of employment data.

We found last month in june we looked at new york and san francisco come and new york has outpaced the hiring for the past year and a half.

Why is that?

That is a big number.

By no means is the san francisco bay area declining, it is just that new york is growing faster.

Both are outpacing national average by almost 10 times.

In new york there is a lot of focus on industries that combine technology with fashion and media.

One of our clients is a great example.

We have not only does exciting new start-ups but big tech names moving campuses to new york.

What about george r.? they have a great engineering school with georgia tech.

You also have these fortune 500 companies like home depot, ups, coca-cola.

That, combined with low cost of living in new venture financing from a public and private standpoint, and you have the right ecosystem for technology.


The other interesting number i saw was salary.

A good time to be a technology worker in california.

They turned over 20,000 more than counterparts in new york.

It is like a $50,000 difference.

I know you found interesting differences between san francisco and silicon valley.

Tommy about those.

-- tell me about those.

What about san francisco and new york?

What other differences are you seeing?

Any trends that surprise you?

To go new york is more fashion from the media and art, which is different in san francisco that is a pure technology focus.

Any companies in particular that are driving these trends?

It new york a great example, we have engineering graduates from stanford and berkeley flocking to companies that we partner with.

Remind us what they do.

They provide services so if you need a programmer to help

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