Stromboli Volcano Oozes Flowing Lava Into the Sea

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Brendan Greeley highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Stromboli volcano.

One of the most active volcanoes in sicily, off of italy.

I have seen this in hawaii at night.

There is that hiss and steam.

There we go.

As it hits the water.

We also have a picture from turkey today.

These are supporters of the prime minister.

He will be president and try to turn it into super president.

They're celebrating his victory.

Anastasia is with us.

A member of nato, not the eu.

Is it a place to invest?

It is not the most emerging market.

It is good to have that continuity of leadership, but there are economic problems to solve.

The current deficit is wider than other places.

Interest rates are not were there need to be.

Something hansel said earlier -- the most important event may be what happens in jacksonville and beyodn.

Why do you link turkey to what central bankers do in wyoming?

As we get closer to tightening wallets, it becomes more attractive to invest here in the united states.

We do have positive rates.

That is not the case in some of those places.

In turkey, there is a two interest rate regime.

There is a domestic rate and an outside rate as well.

That is not sustainable, is it?

They do need to attract the foreign capital.

That is what they're trying to do.

That could trickle into recruiting, which would help them.

Right now, both things are going against the economy.

Another thing that struck they was that there were more cranes thatnn minarets.

Where's the money coming from for that investment?

A lot of it has been foreign investment.

As easy as it came by, it can trickle out.

But, speaking of those cranes, the property market is in a bubble.

It is hard to say.

It is economic potential.

It could get -- to they have a russian influence?

We saw the huge russian full of money there.

To the russians have a normal or dominant investment in turkey?

They do have some investment influence.

I think some of the bigger issues will be the blue spring b pipeline, which is being built to funnel they gas.


Great briefing.

And a photo this morning is something that tom cannot stop talking about.

The super moon.

This is in orlando?

Of course -- no, a church in rio.

Here is how early tom get separate he took a picture of 4:00 this morning and put it on twitter.

There it is.

A super moon.

It was beautifull.

Coming up, we will continue this conversation about iraq and the

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