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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Greg Koch, co-founder and CEO of Stone Brewing Co., discusses brewing craft beer in Germany and the state of the beer industry with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

American craft buried to run its own brewery in germany.

I'm joined by greg koch, the chief executive and founder.

What put this idea into your head that you wanted to start a brewery, and in all places, germany?

My partner, steve wagner, and i started -- decided a few years ago that we would love a place in europe to take our style of beers over there and brew them ourselves with our own facility.

After visiting about 130 sites in nine countries, we found this amazing facility, this old historic gasworks 1901 building that is just gorgeous in berlin.

We decided it has to be the spot for it.

That is where we are planting our flag, so to speak.

Give people an idea of what is going on with the business of stone brewery as it stands in the u.s. we are the 10th largest kraft bury in the united states.

In the world of craft brewing, we are large.

But in the world of international conglomerate brewing, not even a speck in the ocean.

But we have been successful for strong character, big papi beers.

Stone iba is our flag ship.

India pale ale, for those who are not initiated.

Right, and for those on the west coast, we created one that is very aromatic and hop forward.

That is what we are all about and excited to do it in germany now.

And you have that coffee milk stout.

Where do you come up with the names and how do you decide what to brew?

Our basic philosophy is that we do it for us.

Just for you?

And our beer is for people who think that we make great year.

Our beer is not for those who do not like it.

Therefore, it is our job to brew the way we think is best and let people decide for themselves.

Do you have to do anything to change the burying -- brewing process in germany versus the way you do it in the u.s.? no, that's a common this ascension -- misconception.

We were talking about this he for you came on, this.

He law.

The so-called.

He -- this purity law.

The so-called purity law.

We do not label any of our drinks as beers.

It is the stone iba or so on.

-- stone ipa or so on.

The german purity law is a little misunderstood, and a complex conversation.

Tell me about -- and i it used to be that this narrow segment was here, and now people understand it is varied.

We just recently released the stone go-to ipa which is a modest 4.5%. our flagship is 6.9%. and we released one with collaborators that is 13.5%. that is a broad range.

The marketing, the advertising, the actual bottles, the design, where does that come from?

We feel that what we do at stone is a form of art.

There is the commodity side and the rt's in all side.

We are on the artisinal side.

The bottles and names have personality.

We let the personality shine through.

We do not do any advertising.

We never have an 18 years.

We go on the merits of the beer it self.

And what does a sixpack cost?

Give us a range of prices.

You had a range in alcohol content.

There ought to be a range of prices, too.

Right now, we are finishing a campaign on indiegogo where 1.5 liter bottles are selling for three dollars a piece.

Or a typical sixpack, depending on where you live, $10.99, $11 and nine cents -- $11.99. do you have a favorite?

I just open the refrigerator and say, what am i in the mood

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