Is This a Janet Yellen Stock Market?

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Credit Suisse Vice Chairman of Research Neal Soss discusses the markets and Fed policy on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

If the central banks were not supportive, you would not be getting these outcomes.

In a structural change environment that we have been experiencing for the last decade, business is the best adjuster.

Gdp as a 50 year high.

Share of labor as it very low levels.

That is good for the capital side of the economy.

What is the burning question now linking economics into investment?

When will the volatility that is implicit in a change in central bank policy manifest itself?

When we see it right now?

Part of the answer is the central banks are so reluctant to act in a vigorous way.

I think the reasons are obvious.

It is hard to believe in the credibility of their assertion that in a years time we are going to tighten.

If i understood correctly, the european economy is not bad enough to fix or good enough to get better.

The circumstance is related to something janet yellen brought up at jackson hole last week.

Had he distinguished between cyclical developments and structural developments?

If you think some kind of structural changes happened to the global economy and important pieces of it in the last 10 years, things are going to be different cyclically as well.

You have banks collapsing all over europe.

Today we have the same problems.

How do you do stimulus?

Are you confident that they can get this done?

I think by and large all the governments are allergic to using their budgets.

That it's an excess of rusher on the central bank.

We go to the meetings in october.

You wonder how they are going to adjust the global gdp view.

It isn't very pretty right now.

As he look at the business cycle overall, the u.s. companies and their profits and balance sheets look so healthy compared to the rest of the world.

What business cycle are we in?

Is the federal reserve keeping us in the third inning?

We are in the sixth year.

That is unusual itself.

The fed will finally start to a knowledge that in some sense by tightening policy.

A year from now would be the seventh year.

That is without resident and modern time.

We are going to talk about refinancing.

It was seven years ago as we begin the eighth year of the financial crisis.

Can the united states protect itself from a more challenged european economy?

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