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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Stitch Fix's Eric Colson discusses how the company combines computer algorithms to pick user apparel. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

To fashion.

How does it work?

You explained it pretty well, a styling service for women's apparel.

You don't have to do it every month.

You put in your preferences and we will select an assortment of items and ship them right to your door.

You get to keep only what you love and you can send the rest back.

How do you get it right?

The use of machine learning algorithms in conjunction with expert human judgment.

The two work wonderfully together, we found out.

Do you have stylists on the scene?

Doesn't it require a lot of manpower?

We will sort them for the human stylist.

A final selections.

Any numbers on success rates?

We love it when customers keep two out of five.

We are more interested in them having a great experience.

We want them to level five even if they can only afford to keep one or two.

We take care of shipping and we want to make sure you get great stuff.

You have been around for how long?

Two and a half years.

Wax why do you wait one month to get the first box?

We want to have the best inventory for you.

It builds up and we want more inventory to make sure that we have a great selection.

Maybe they are not perfect, but i end up keeping them because it is too much work to send them back.

How do you avoid that being how to make your money?

We make it very easy to send your back, a postage paid envelope.

It is very easy to send back and we like the feedback.

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